Best Agile Books


*The Lean Startup** by Eric Ries

Book information

  • title: Lean Startup
  • author: Eric Ries
  • isbn13: 9783864146718

Some insights

  • In this easy-to-read book, Eric Reis introduces the main concepts of the lean methodology he developed over his career.
  • The most important concept introduced in this book is the minimum viable product,
    • allows companies to test their product idea before investing too much time and money in it.
    • validated learning, which allows startups to constantly evaluate their progress.
    • Another concept is the build-measure-learn feedback loop. It allows to creating value for customers and business owners by objectively testing various ideas.


Agile Project Management for Dummies by Mark C.Layton

Book information

  • author: Mark C. Layton, Steven J. Ostermiller, Dean J. Kynaston
  • category: Business & Economics
  • isbn13: 9781119676997

Some insights

  • Discover how to establish a clear vision, create product roadmaps, forecast schedules, and prepare for product releases.
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