Competing For The Future - Hamel Prahlad

title: Competing For The Future subtitle: author: Hamel & Prahlad authors: Hamel & Prahlad category: publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education total_page: 0 cover_url: cover_small_url: publish_date: 2002 description: With Competing for the Future, managers have seen how they can reshape their industries. Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad offer a masterful blueprint for what your company must be doing today if it is to occupy the competitive high ground of tomorrow. By showing that the key to future industry leadership is to develop an independent point of view about tomorrow’s opportunities and build capabilities that exploit them, Hamel and Prahalad reveal an entirely new definition of what it means to be strategic—and successful. link: preview_link: isbn10: 0070486719 isbn13: 9780070486713

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