Micro habits for developers to achieve sticky agile transformation



  • Sticky transformations are those where engineering teams adopt productive practices as a habit and need no external influence to go through with them.
  • Response**RewardAlarm for five minutes before stand-up
  • Richard Thaler won the Nobel for his work on nudging.
  • Clear advocates for one percent daily changes to your habits - small enough that there’s little friction.
  • To act on a cue
  • To activate a craving
  • To respond to the craving
  • To get the reward
  • how do you put it into practice when designing your transformation initiatives?
  • Cue/trigger The cue, whether from an internal thought or external envrionment, trigger creates a craving.
  • Craving The cue singals a craving, often a feeling or urge, which signals the brain to seek a response.
  • Response The response is what motivates you to act to fullfill the craving.
  • Reward The reward satisfies the craving and further imbeds the association to create a feedback loop.
  • five minutes before stand-up
  • meetingsWork with well written storiesLook
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