OKRs - How’s it going-



  • introduced OKRs to help us focus on the right outcomes
  • We’d made an assumption that we’d be given the space to problem solve.
  • reverted back to being measured on our outputs and not those key outcomes we were trying to achieve.
  • you needed alignment that the OKRs were the most important thing to be focused on.
  • the team needed to be given the space to discover and decide how to achieve what had been set out.
  • We had too many team level OKRs. And those OKRs in lots of instances were merely task lists of what teams were going to be working on.
  • Only use OKR tracking software if it is actually providing value.
  • If what is being worked on doesn’t support actually moving those top level OKRs forward, then it doesn’t need to be written as an OKR
  • Really getting them to think about the outcomes they are trying to drive.
  • you get to the end of the quarter and haven’t achieved the desired outcomes, maybe you spent too much time crafting those OKRs
  • There is a simple one page dashboard that is regularly updated, with: 1. OKR progress 2. Priorities for the next two weeks 3. Talking points / Decisions needed 4. Squad Health
  • What they learnt over the previous two weeks and what they are intending to learn in the upcoming fortnight.
  • What insights they are drawing from and what hypothesis and experiments are being run in order to build up their OKR confidence.
  • My recommendation really is to start small. Demonstrate the value they bring in an incremental fashion,
  • The Art of the OKR Link
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