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$10K Training Lesson 13 A portfolio approach to $10K Work



  • See, if all you did all day was $10K work, you’d be a dreamer. You’d plan out your future, brainstorm new skills that you could learn or think about your business strategy - but you’d never act on it.
  • aim to create a portfolio of activities.
  • $10/hr work = cash. It’s liquid, moves quickly, “safe” and allows you to function on a daily basis.
  • $1,000/hr work $1,000/hr work = stocks. This is a sweet spot. You get price appreciation AND dividends – particularly if you are able to play the long game.
  • $10,000/hr work
    • Here you have the potential for spectacular returns
    • sprinkle some $10k pixie dust into your daily activities. Even if it’s just 10 minutes
  • age and risk tolerance - two variables to consider when building own work portfolio
  • the earlier you are in your career, the less agency you have to get rid of $10 and $100 tasks. (can be interesting for coaching!)
  • the more you advance professionally, the more you should shift your focus towards the big picture.


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