Maturity Model for my Obsidian Notes

Based on the great input from Nitin Pai

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Epistemic status

“how much I think I know” about something.

  • First, we know things with different levels of certainty.
  • Second, what we think we are certain about itself varies in accuracy.
  • Third, facts change over time.

my notes falls into five non-linear levels: Bean → Brewing → Brewed → Overbrewed → In-the-Sink



Bean is the primary raw material for a cup of coffee. It may be fresh or roasted. And there are different kinds of roast: light, medium and dark.

In these notes, a note with the status of “bean” implies that it is a new, undeveloped idea. Something that came to mind but has not been developed.

It could be factually wrong, inaccurate, misleading, a dead end, a red herring, a wild-goose or worse, the germ of a brilliant idea that will change the Universe forever. Who knows?


#epstatus/1-brewing The process of brewing is complex, has several variables that can be tweaked, several untweakable and involves time and effort

A note is “brewing” when I have started working on it, but do not think it is ready for sampling. You might smell the coffee at this stage, but it is premature to consume.



Coffee is brewed when its maker had decided that the brewing is complete. It is filtered in one way or the other and poured into a cup. You can smell the coffee and taste it too. While it is ready for consumption, the aroma and flavour will change with time.

A note is brewed when I think it has finished brewing. So you can consume it with greater confidence. That said, metaphors take us only so far, and I might decide that it needs some more brewing.


#epstatus/3-overbrewed A note is overbrewed when I revise and modify what I had previously considered brewed. I do it because I think it will improve, but I might have made things worse.


#epstatus/4-in-the-sink A note is in-the-sink when I have discarded it – either because it is ruined, past the expiry date, is a royal mess or stinks.

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