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Flow inside PARA and Zettelkasten

What helped me a lot was the distinction between types of notes(Fleeting Notes, Literature Notes, Permanent Notes). And I blend these types alongside with PARA.

For PARA I’m working with folders. The note type is in each note via a Tag.

This way I can fast access my own developed thoughts (Permanent Notes - depending on when I’m using them in Projects, Areas, Resources or even Archives) and where they got derived from (Literature Notes, also PARA depending when I use them). I can bundle them to bigger topics (Index notes).

Like described in [[Midjourney V6 prompts examples/030-039 Areas/32 Zettelkasten/Literature notes/Matter/Building a Second Brain and the Zettelkasten Method]]… this helps me to add the layer of compounding knowledge combined with BASB actionability and project flow.

Lastly I would also like to access the maturity of my notes/my thoughts. This helps me to increase quality over time and also with fast decisions on reliability. Especially when I [[BASB - Learning about Express|EXPRESS]] through my notes, the maturity comes in handy to pick parts to combine and also is a stage where I further increase maturity levels of touched notes.


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