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Moc 10k$ framework
Moc agile 2
Moc agile learning path
Moc artificial intelligence
Moc building a 2nd brain
Moc community based courses
Moc continuous discovery habits
Moc digital garden
Moc lifehacks
Moc product discovery
Moc receipts
Moc teams
Moc vegan living
My agile coach knowledge portfolio


$10k training lesson 12 using leverage to grow your career (while you sleep)  🪴 (L)
$10k training lesson 13 a portfolio approach to $10k work  🪴 (L)
$10k training lesson 14 closing thoughts & what's next  🪴 (L)
$10k training lesson 7 the ultimate $10k task hiding in plain sight  🪴 (L)
$10k training lesson 9 no, a new ipad won't change your life  🪴 (L)
10 popular product frameworks a brief guide  🌰 (L)
10$ 10k value matrix
12 principles behind the agile manifesto  🌰
12 rules for life  🪴
15 powerful life illustrations  🌰
16 workflow strategies  🌳 (P)
16 cashflow kpi to know  🌰
21 important skills  🌱
4 more ingredients to finally get the weight drop  🪴
4 pillars of energy  🪴
5 advantages of using a second brain to manage my knowledge  🪴
5 main assumptions to test  🌳 (P)
60 useful performance review phrases  🌳 (L)
9 leadership styles  🌰
A brief history & ethos of the digital garden  🪴 (L)
A vision why to share knowledge  🌱 (P)
A perfect organizational system  🪴 (P)
A systems thinking approach to life & knowledge management  🌱 (P)
Access approach  🪴
Ai in obsidian  🪴
About wardley maps  🪴 (P)
About a product mindset  🌱 (P)
About my usage of fleeting notes, permanent notes and literature notes  🪴 (P)
Accountability ladder  🌱 (P)
Actionable agile metrics for predictability  🌱 (P)
Actionable agile metrics  🪴 (I)
Agile 101  🌱 (F)
Agile 2 and leadership  🪴 (P)
Agile coach career model from spotify  🌰
Agile coaches to product coaches  🌰
Agile foundations  🌱 (I)
Agile framework scrum  🌱 (F)
Agile learning space as a subway map  🌱 (F)
Agile manifesto for business contexts  🪴 (L)
Agile manifesto  🌰 (I)
Agile methodologies  🪴 (P)
Agile mindset, values, principles and methodology in an overview  🪴 (P)
Agile principles  🪴 (P)
Agile project management coursera course  🌱 (F)
Agile project management  🌱 (F)
Agile software development  🌱 (F)
Agile values  🌱 (P)
Agile for starters learning path with blinkist  🌳 (P)
Agility framework kanban  🌱 (I)
Agility framework scrum  🌱 (I)
Agility framework scrumban  🌱 (I)
Analyze costs and benefits  🌱 (P)
Asana  🌱 (I)
Assumption testing course certificate  🌳 (F)
Atomic ux research  🌱 (L)
Automated recruiting  🌱 (P)
Basb keynotes from summit 8 ways to self sabotage  🪴 (P)
Beating procrastination  🌳 (L)
Becoming indispensable a pandemic power move  🪴 (L)
Becoming indispensable a pandemic power move  🪴 (L)
Bewusstheit consciousness  🌳 (L)
Bibs learning about agile  🌳 (I)
Bibs about teams  🌳 (L)
Boiling frogs cghq paper  🌰 (L)
Book list to find out jobs to be done  🌰
Braindump exercise  🪴 (P)
Brainstorming for concreate actions for a user to take  🌰
Building continuous discovery habits  🪴 (I)
Building a 2nd brainpersonal knowledge management  🪴 (I)
Building a second brain insights  🪴 (L)
Building a digital garden  🪴 (L)
Building an inbox zero system  🪴 (I)
Building your second brain can help you develop the 21 skills that pay you dividents for life  🪴
Business understanding power mba  🪴 (I)
Causal loop diagram  🪴 (I)
Causal loop examples pictures  🌱 (P)
Change management  🪴 (I)
Co Active coaching  🌳 (L)
Complexity  🪴 (P)
Confluence (incl. easybi)  🪴 (I)
Continuous interviewing extract from cdh insights  🪴 (P)
Cost of delay  🪴 (I)
Course notes eliminate unconscious bias at work  🪴 (L)
Course playbook by circle  🌰
Coursenames brainstorming  🌰
Create an outline  🌱 (P)
Creating okrs to Fit your backlog
Cross functional teams ideo shopping cart example  🪴 (P)
Currently used plugins in an overview  🪴
Decision making and voting  🌱 (P)
Decision making  🪴 (I)
Deftig vegan  🌰 (L)
Delegation matrix  🌱 (P)
Deliberate practice and the comfort zone  🌰
Deliberate practice  🪴 (L)
Design sprint  🌱 (I)
Design thinking  🌰 (P)
Dev ops  🌱 (I)
Developing a zettelkasten  🌰
Discovery of core values  🪴 (P)
Don't restrict learning  🌱 (P)
Easybi (jira)  🪴 (I)
Efficiency & effectiveness your team needs both  🌱 (L)
Eisenhower matrix
Empiricism  🪴 (P)
Empowered chris jones marty cagan  🌰 (L)
Escaping the Build Trap  🌰 (L)
Estimations (story point usage)  🌱 (L)
Excalidraw learning  🌱 (F)
Experience emotional writing  🪴 (P)
Explore option to build an ost using canvas in obsidian  🌰
Extending para notes  🌰
Extract from the art of action  🌳 (L)
Extreme programming  🌱 (I)
Facilitation of your workshop  🪴 (I)
Facilitation  🪴 (I)
Fast usage of matter  🌰
Figma is making you a bad designer  🌱 (L)
Five ai Powered facilitation platforms  🌰
Five whys  🪴 (P)
Five factors for team effectiveness  🌳 (L)
Focus digitial garden on helping young people to learn better (early on)  🌰
Focus on on 4 main assumption test approaches that cover 90% of the tests needed to learn fast  🌳 (P)
Focus on the right work  🪴 (P)
Forget discipline, become addicted to action instead!  🌱 (L)
Forming continuous discovery habits presentation  🌳 (P)
Forte labs theory of contraints blog series  🪴 (L)
Generations compared  🌱 (F)
Getting things done  🪴 (I)
Getting an overview about mentoring  🪴 (P)
Goals project dreams  🪴 (P)
Grow 21 skills that pay you forever by building your second brain  🪴 (P)
Grow the top 10 skills 2025 by building your second brain  🪴 (P)
Habit building  🪴 (I)
High Output Management  🌰 (L)
High performance teams  🌱 (P)
Hints for working with ice breakers  🌰
Hook model  🪴
How elon musk learns faster than everyone else  🪴 (L)
How much discovery is enough  🌰 (L)
How much discovery is enough 2nd pass  🪴 (L)
How teams interact  🌰
How a pkms connects with the 21 skills that pay you forever  🌰
How to create a product roadmap that everyone can understand!  🪴 (L)
How to write objectives and key results best okr examples of 2019  🪴 (L)
How to begin  🪴 (L)
How to create things with your notes  🪴 (P)
How to design the perfect day  🌱 (L)
How to detect the silent relationship killer before its too late  🌱 (L)
How to implement okrs at your small business  🌱 (L)
How to make notes and write  🌰 (L)
How to set goals (that actually work)  🌱 (L)
How to stop saying yes when you want to say no  🌱 (L)
How to take digital notes  🪴 (L)
How to take smart notes key insights  🪴 (L)
How to talk to anyone bib notes  🪴 (L)
Ice prioritization  🌱 (I)
Identifying hidden assumptions  🌰 (F)
Immersed learning  🪴
Importance of agile values and principles  🌱 (P)
Important product books to read  🪴 (I)
Important tips for creating slides  🌰
Integrating graphics and text for my smart note taking  🌱 (P)
Interesting impact and urgency category names  🌰 (F)
Interview questions erdal  🌳 (P)
Is powerpoint dead  🌱 (L)
Is quiet quitting a real thing  🌱 (L)
Jira agile  🌱 (I)
Just In Time organization  🌱 (P)
Kanban an overview  🌳 (P)
Keine Sinnfragen, bitte!  🌰 (L)
Kopf frei free mind  🪴 (L)
Krawatte binden super easy  🌰
Leadership coaching  🪴 (I)
Leadership development  🪴 (P)
Lean an overview  🌱 (P)
Lean six sigma overview  🌱 (P)
Lean Software Development  🌱 (L)
Lean-Agile Software Development  🌱 (L)
Lean  🌰 (I)
Learning about neurodiversity  🪴 (P)
Learning about positioning the camera in the center  🌰
Lerntypen  🌱 (P)
Levels of expertise  🪴 (P)
Liberating structures  🪴 (I)
List of most important product videos  🌳 (I)
Lohnen sich batteriespeicher für photovoltaikanlagen  🪴 (L)
Moc 10k$ framework  🌳 (I)
Moc agile 2  🌰 (I)
Moc agile learning path  🪴 (I)
Moc artificial intelligence  🌱
Moc building a 2nd brain  🪴
Moc community based courses  🌰
Moc continuous discovery habits  🪴 (I)
Moc digital garden  🪴 (I)
Moc kindle book highlights  🪴 (I)
Moc learning  🌰
Moc lifehacks  🌱 (I)
Moc okrs  🌱 (I)
Moc product discovery  🌱 (I)
Moc receipts  🌰 (I)
Moc strategy  🌱 (I)
Moc teams  🌳 (I)
Moc vegan living  🪴 (I)
Mocs overview  🪴 (P)
Making your scrum work #25  🪴 (L)
Management 3.0 management for complex domain  🪴 (I)
Management 3.0 book summary  🌱 (L)
Mapping 5 dysfunctions and team effectiveness with tuckman  🌱 (P)
Mapping agile and continuous discovery habits  🪴 (P)
Mapping of discovery and delivery and tools+practices  🌱 (F)
Maturity model for my obsidian notes  🌳 (P)
Memletics learning model  🌱 (P)
Metrics  🌰 (P)
Mindset shift #5 you don’t have to do this alone  🪴 (L)
Miro fast lane intro to new miro users  🌰
Miro  🌱 (I)
Module 1 beat gender bias  🌰
Module 1 the confidence code  🌱
Motivation for second brain  🪴
Motivational speech by denzil washington  🌰
Multipliers  🌳 (L)
Multitasking negative effect visualized  🌱 (F)
My agile coach knowledge portfolio  🌱 (I)
My wingfinder profile  🌰
My motivation for building a second brain  🌰
Note about causal loop diagram  🌱 (P)
Note about lead magnets  🌰 (P)
Notes for keine sinnfragen, bitte  🪴 (P)
Notes from the seven principles for making marriage work  🌰
Notes from cdh guide  🌰
Notes from crashcourse zettelkaste for beginners  🌰
Notes from google manager behaviors  🌰
Notes from guide master your 4 pillars of energy  🪴 (L)
Notes from inspired book by marty cagan  🌱 (L)
Notes from johanna rothman short feedback loops  🪴 (L)
Notes from living forward  🌰
Notes from red ocean traps  🌱 (L)
Notes from the 5am club  🌰
Notes from the power of full engagment  🌰
Notes from wista taking video tutorial  🌰
Notes from working smarter through your tech stack  🌱 (L)
Notes from joining the work transformation summit  🌰
Notes from listening to the bullseye principle  🌱
Notes from the fifth discipline  🌱
Notes from the power of mental models  🌱 (L)
Notes from webcast 10 ways to replace meetings with slack  🌰
Notizen aus der stoffwechselkompass  🌰
Okr double split model  🌰
Okrs and continuous discovery habits  🌰
Okrs linked with product strategy  🌱 (P)
Ooda loops knowledge  🌳 (P)
Ooda loops  🌱 (I)
Objectives and key results (okr)  🌳 (L)
Observation accepting others eating your time  🌱 (P)
Obsidian pkms 2nd brain  🌱 (I)
Obsidian plugins i'm using  🪴 (I)
On pair programming  🌱 (F)
Open space description for miro  🌰
Opportunity solution tree learning session  🌳 (P)
Outcomes, output and impact  🌰 (P)
Para method notes  🪴 (P)
Paarwunsch gedicht von der ehe von khalil gibran  🌳 (P)
Para blog by tiago forte  🌳 (L)
Parallel writing name game  🪴 (P)
Personal systemic coaching  🌱 (I)
Playing to win alan g lafley roger l martin  🌰 (L)
Point and untell  🪴 (P)
Powermba booklist including blinkist blinks  🌳 (I)
Prerequisite tree  🌱 (L)
Price your coaching  🌰
Principles of product development flow  🌱 (I)
Product development lifecycle  🪴 (P)
Product direction nacho bassino  🌰 (L)
Product discovery  🌰 (I)
Product leadership richard banfield martin eriksson nate walkingshaw  🌰 (L)
Product management in practice matt lemay  🌰 (L)
Product management  🌰 (P)
Product market fit expansion strategies  🌰
Product roadmaps  🪴 (L)
Product strategy  🌳 (L)
Progressive summarization  🌳 (L)
Project management approaches  🌰 (L)
Project management  🌰 (I)
Red ocean strategy notes  🌰 (L)
Reforge the product strategy stack  🌱
Reframing and simplifying the idea of how to keep a zettelkasten  🌱 (L)
Reject the algorithm  🪴 (L)
Risk monitoring  🌰 (P)
Risk probability matrix  🌱 (P)
Scrum and xp  🌰 (L)
Scrum, kanban, agile overview  🌰 (L)
Scrumban  🌰 (P)
Shotgun surgery  🌱 (P)
Simple & fast usage to deliver an insight  🌰
Situation normal, everything must change  🌱
Six sigma  🌰 (P)
Small batch projects  🌰 (P)
Smart oven  🪴 (P)
Socratic leadership  🪴 (P)
Software development  🌱 (I)
Some quizzes  🌱 (P)
Some sources about generation z  🌰
Sound of a thousand screams walkthrough pathfinder kingmaker  🪴 (L)
Sparks from agile 2  🌰 (F)
Sprint review anti Patterns  🪴 (L)
Stakeholder management coursera course  🌰 (L)
Stakeholder management  🌰 (P)
Survive the desert  🌳 (P)
Swarm stupidity  🌱 (P)
Systems thinking  🌱 (I)
Tdd  🌰 (L)
Tpl fleeting note  🌰 (F)
Tpl linkedin post  🪴
Tpl permanent note  🌱 (P)
Take notes after each chapter learnings  🪴 (P)
Team development  🌱 (I)
Team genius some quotes  🪴 (L)
Team lead  🌱 (I)
Team starter exercise  🪴 (P)
Teams  🌱 (P)
Teaser for second brain and capturing the 1%  🌱
Term agility  🌳 (P)
Test l post  🪴
Testfile xyz  🪴
The 11 star framework  🌰 (L)
The 5 models of content curation  🌰 (F)
The 7 most important kpis to measure the success of ux research  🪴 (L)
The 9 biggest myths and misconceptions about building a second brain  🪴 (L)
The art of action stephen bungay  🌰 (L)
The coach in your head  🌳 (L)
The future of education is community the rise of cohort Based courses  🪴 (L)
The game changers  🪴 (L)
The jobs to be done playbook jim kalbach  🌰 (L)
The ladder of evidence  🌱
The learning pyramid  🌱 (P)
The one hour startup  🌰
The Paradox of Choice  🌰 (L)
The power of habit  🌳 (L)
The product Led organization todd olson  🌰 (L)
The pursuit of excellence notes  🌰
The Science of Managing Our Digital Stuff
The elusive pursuit of getting it (all) done  🪴 (L)
The hardest pill to swallow about self Improvement  🪴 (L)
The magic of doing $10,000 per hour work  🪴 (L)
Theory of constraints (toc)  🪴 (I)
Thoughts on resilience  🌰
Time to value  🌱 (P)
Top gadgets for remote workers  🌰 (F)
Top 10 skills of 2025  🌱
Toskanische bohnensuppe  🌳 (L)
Transformation of the agile coach role  🌰
Trinity of directing, leadership and management  🌱 (P)
Understanding agile udemy course  🌰 (L)
Unengaded stakeholders at sprint review  🪴 (L)
Use okrs for professional development  🪴 (L)
Use obsidian canvas for ikigai  🌰
Using ai for marketing  🌰 (F)
Using second brain for capturing presentation content fast  🪴
Value for spending learning budget  🌰
Value stream mapping theoretical background  🌱 (L)
Value stream mapping  🌱 (I)
Visual notes  🌱 (L)
Visualize my knowledge portfolio as t Shaped graph  🌱 (P)
Wardley mapping  🌱 (I)
Week 1 assignment  🌱 (L)
Week 2 assignment  🌱 (L)
Week 3 assignment  🌱 (L)
Week 4 assignment  🪴 (L)
What i learned from the bullet journal method  🪴 (L)
What are self Managing teams  🪴 (L)
What are permanent notes  🌱 (L)
What goes into journal  🌱 (P)
What is action driven learning  🌰
What is agile  🌱 (P)
What is design thinking  🌱 (L)
What is product discovery about  🪴 (P)
What is a desired outcome?  🪴 (P)
What is a fleeting note  🪴 (L)
What is a literature note  🌱 (L)
What is a team  🌱 (P)
What is extreme programming  🌱 (L)
What is the value of a (scrum) guide 🥾  🪴 (L)
What makes content sticky?  🌰
When to consider agile  🪴 (P)
Where to play marc gruber sharon tal  🌰 (L)
Why brainstorming fails  🪴 (P)
Why people see problems where there are none  🪴 (L)
Why the impact effort prioritization matrix doesn't work  🌰 (L)
Why you’ll probably never run out of money  🪴 (L)
Why and for whom might this be relevant?  🌰
Why we transitioned from sprints to basecamp’s “shape up” methodology  🪴 (L)
Why you're always busy with nothing to show for  🪴 (L)
Women in leadership my key insights from joining a coaching pathway led by katharina loth  🌱 (P)
Working better with stakeholder 3 advanced techniques  🌰 (L)
Working with feedback  🌱 (I)
Workshop design  🌱 (I)
Workshop games  🌰 (I)
Write a book summary (blog based)  🌱 (P)
Write a book summary  🌱 (L)
Write your mission statement  🌰
You're Due Ing it wrong  🪴 (L)
You’re never going to be “caught up” at work. stop feeling guilty about it  🪴 (L)
Zettelkasten taking smart notes notes from a video by joshua meyer  🌰
Zettelkasten method  🪴 (P)
Zoom  🌱 (I)
[$10k training lesson 12] using leverage to grow your career (while you sleep)  🪴 (L)
[$10k training lesson 13] a portfolio approach to $10k work  🪴 (L)
[$10k training lesson 14] closing thoughts & what's next  🪴 (L)
[$10k training lesson 2] how to waste your day 3 behavorial mistakes to avoid  🪴 (L)
[$10k training lesson 7] the ultimate $10k task hiding in plain sight  🪴 (L)
[$10k training lesson 9] no, a new ipad won't change your life  🪴 (L)
Progressive disclosure  🌱 (P)
The magic number 4  🌱 (P)
Tooth power  🌱 (P)
☀️ building your productivity system  🪴 (L)

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