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Moc 10k$ framework
Moc agile learning path
Moc artificial intelligence
Moc building a 2nd brain
Moc community based courses
Moc continuous discovery habits
Moc digital garden
Moc product discovery
Moc receipts
Moc teams
Moc vegan living
My agile coach knowledge portfolio


$10k work
10 popular product frameworks a brief guide
10$ 10k value matrix
12 principles behind the agile manifesto
12 rules for life
16 workflow strategies
16 cashflow kpi to know
21 important skills
5 main assumptions to test
60 useful performance review phrases
A brief history & ethos of the digital garden
A vision why to share knowledge
A perfect organizational system
A systems thinking approach to life & knowledge management
Access approach
About wardley maps
About a product mindset
Accountability ladder
Actionable agile metrics for predictability
Actionable agile metrics
Agile 101
Agile coach career model from spotify
Agile foundations
Agile framework scrum
Agile learning space as a subway map
Agile manifesto for business contexts
Agile manifesto
Agile methodologies
Agile mindset, values, principles and methodology in an overview
Agile principles
Agile project management coursera course
Agile project management
Agile software development
Agile values
Agile for starters learning path with blinkist
Agility framework kanban
Agility framework scrum
Agility framework scrumban
Analyze costs and benefits
Assumption testing course certificate
Atomic ux research
Automated recruiting
Basb keynotes from summit 8 ways to self sabotage
Beating procrastination
Becoming indispensable a pandemic power move
Best agile books
Bewusstheit consciousness
Bibs learning about agile
Bibs about teams
Boiling frogs cghq paper
Book list to find out jobs to be done
Braindump exercise
Building continuous discovery habits
Building a 2nd brainpersonal knowledge management
Building a second brain insights
Building a Second Brain
Building a digital garden
Building an inbox zero system
Business understanding power mba
Causal loop diagram
Causal loop examples pictures
Change management
Co Active coaching
Competing for the future hamel prahlad
Competitive strategy michael e porter
Confluence (incl. easybi)
Continuous discovery habits book summary
Continuous interviewing extract from cdh insights
Cost of delay
Course notes eliminate unconscious bias at work
Course playbook by circle
Coursenames brainstorming
Create an outline
Creating okrs to Fit your backlog
Cross functional teams ideo shopping cart example
Crossing the chasm 3rd edition geoffrey a moore
Decision making
Deftig vegan
Delegation matrix
Deliberate practice
Design sprint
Design thinking
Dev ops
Die 5 Elemente effektiven Denkens
Die vegane Kochschule
Discovery of core values
Don't restrict learning
Easybi (jira)
Efficiency & effectiveness your team needs both
Eisenhower matrix
Empowered chris jones marty cagan
Escaping the Build Trap
Estimations (story point usage)
Excalidraw learning
Experience emotional writing
Extract from the art of action
Extreme programming
Facilitation of your workshop
Figma is making you a bad designer
Five ai Powered facilitation platforms
Five whys
Five factors for team effectiveness
Fleeting note for causal loop diagram
Focus digitial garden on helping young people to learn better (early on)
Focus on on 4 main assumption test approaches that cover 90% of the tests needed to learn fast
Focus on the right work
Forget discipline, become addicted to action instead!
Forte labs theory of contraints blog series
Generations compared
Getting things done
Getting an overview about mentoring
Goals project dreams
Habit building
High Output Management
High performance teams
Hook model
How elon musk learns faster than everyone else
How much discovery is enough
How much discovery is enough 2nd pass
How a pkms connects with the 21 skills that pay you forever
How to create a product roadmap that everyone can understand!
How to write objectives and key results best okr examples of 2019
How to begin
How to create things with your notes
How to design the perfect day
How to detect the silent relationship killer before its too late
How to implement okrs at your small business
How to set goals (that actually work)
How to stop saying yes when you want to say no
How to take digital notes
How to take smart notes key insights
How to talk to anyone bib notes
Ice prioritization
Identifying hidden assumptions
Importance of agile values and principles
Important product books to read
Important tips for creating slides
Integrating graphics and text for my smart note taking
Interview questions erdal
Is powerpoint dead
Is quiet quitting a real thing
Jira agile
Just In Time organization
Kanban an overview
Keine Sinnfragen, bitte!
Kopf frei free mind
Leadership coaching
Leadership development
Leadership mentoring
Lean an overview
Lean six sigma overview
Lean Software Development
Lean-Agile Software Development
Learning about neurodiversity
Learning about positioning the camera in the center
Levels of expertise
Liberating structures
List of most important product videos
Lohnen sich batteriespeicher für photovoltaikanlagen
Loved martina lauchengco
Moc 10k$ framework
Moc agile learning path
Moc artificial intelligence
Moc building a 2nd brain
Moc community based courses
Moc continuous discovery habits
Moc digital garden
Moc kindle book highlights
Moc learning
Moc lifehacks
Moc okrs
Moc product discovery
Moc receipts
Moc strategy
Moc teams
Moc vegan living
Mocs overview
Making your scrum work #25
Management 3.0 management for complex domain
Management 3.0 book summary
Mapping 5 dysfunctions and team effectiveness with tuckman
Mapping of discovery and delivery and tools+practices
Maturity model for my obsidian notes
Mindset shift #5 you don’t have to do this alone
Miro fast lane intro to new miro users
Module 1 beat gender bias
Module 1 the confidence code
Motivational speech by denzil washington
Multitasking negative effect visualized
My agile coach knowledge portfolio
My wingfinder profile
Notes for keine sinnfragen, bitte
Notes from cdh guide
Notes from inspired book by marty cagan
Notes from johanna rothman short feedback loops
Notes from red ocean traps
Notes from wista taking video tutorial
Notes from working smarter through your tech stack
Notes from joining the work transformation summit
Notes from listening to the bullseye principle
Notes from the fifth discipline
Notes from the power of mental models
Okr double split model
Okrs and continuous discovery habits
Okrs linked with product strategy
Ooda loops knowledge
Ooda loops
Objectives and key results (okr)
Observation accepting others eating your time
Obsidian pkms 2nd brain
Obsidian plugins i'm using
On pair programming
Open space description for miro
Opportunity solution tree learning session
Outcomes, output and impact
Para method notes
Paarwunsch gedicht von der ehe von khalil gibran
Para blog by tiago forte
Parallel writing name game
Personal systemic coaching
Playing to win alan g lafley roger l martin
Point and untell
Powermba booklist including blinkist blinks
Prerequisite tree
Price your coaching
Principles of product development flow
Product development lifecycle
Product direction nacho bassino
Product discovery
Product leadership richard banfield martin eriksson nate walkingshaw
Product management in practice matt lemay
Product management
Product market fit expansion strategies
Product roadmaps
Product strategy
Progressive summarization
Project management coursera course
Project management approaches
Project management
Red ocean strategy notes
Reforge the product strategy stack
Reject the algorithm
Risk monitoring
Risk probability matrix
Scrum and xp
Scrum, kanban, agile overview
Shotgun surgery
Situation normal, everything must change
Six sigma
Small batch projects
Smart oven
Software development
Some quizzes
Some sources about generation z
Sound of a thousand screams walkthrough pathfinder kingmaker
Sprint review anti Patterns
Stakeholder management coursera course
Stakeholder management
Survive the desert
Swarm stupidity
Systems thinking
Tpl fleeting note
Take notes after each chapter learnings
Team development
Team genius some quotes
Team lead
Team starter exercise
Teaser for second brain and capturing the 1%
Term agility
The 7 most important kpis to measure the success of ux research
The 9 biggest myths and misconceptions about building a second brain
The art of action stephen bungay
The coach in your head
The future of education is community the rise of cohort Based courses
The game changers
The jobs to be done playbook jim kalbach
The ladder of evidence
The one hour startup
The Paradox of Choice
The power of habit
The product Led organization todd olson
The Science of Managing Our Digital Stuff
The elusive pursuit of getting it (all) done
The hardest pill to swallow about self Improvement
The magic of doing $10,000 per hour work
Theory of constraints (toc)
Time to value
Top gadgets for remote workers
Toskanische bohnensuppe
Transformation of the agile coach role
Trinity of directing, leadership and management
Understanding agile udemy course
Unengaded stakeholders at sprint review
Use okrs for professional development
Using ai for marketing
Value stream mapping theoretical background
Value stream mapping
Visual notes
Wardley mapping
Week 1 assignment
Week 2 assignment
Week 3 assignment
Week 4 assignment
What i learned from the bullet journal method
What are self Managing teams
What are permanent notes
What goes into journal
What is agile
What is design thinking
What is product discovery about
What is a desired outcome?
What is a fleeting note
What is a literature note
What is a team
What is extreme programming
What is the value of a (scrum) guide 🥾
What makes content sticky?
When to consider agile
Where to play marc gruber sharon tal
Why brainstorming fails
Why people see problems where there are none
Why the impact effort prioritization matrix doesn't work
Why you’ll probably never run out of money
Why we transitioned from sprints to basecamp’s “shape up” methodology
Why you're always busy with nothing to show for
Working better with stakeholder 3 advanced techniques
Working with feedback
Workshop design
Workshop games
Write a book summary (blog based)
Write a book summary
You're Due Ing it wrong
You’re never going to be “caught up” at work. stop feeling guilty about it
Zettelkasten method
[$10k training lesson 12] using leverage to grow your career (while you sleep)
[$10k training lesson 13] a portfolio approach to $10k work
[$10k training lesson 14] closing thoughts & what's next
[$10k training lesson 2] how to waste your day 3 behavorial mistakes to avoid
[$10k training lesson 7] the ultimate $10k task hiding in plain sight
[$10k training lesson 9] no, a new ipad won't change your life
Progressive disclosure
The magic number 4
Tooth power
☀️ building your productivity system

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