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Gemba - Go where the work gets done

Gemba is an extremely important practice, because without it, a manager must rely on status reports to learn how things are going, — location: 2642 ^ref-11833

one wants true understanding, one must discover how the work is being done firsthand. — location: 2647 ^ref-58308

Agile 2 Principle: Good leaders are open. — location: 2654 ^ref-14243

Gemba provides transparency and makes issues concrete instead of abstract. — location: 2668 ^ref-30512

It makes staff view you as a collaborator instead of an uncaring boss up on high. Gemba is a critical practice that should be core to Agile. — location: 2669 ^ref-25985

That is critical, because all of Agile is about applying contextual judgment, so if you do not understand the reason for a practice, you will not have judgment about it, and your decisions will be wrong. — location: 2688 ^ref-6461


  • [[Gemba Walks Expanded 2nd Edition]]
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