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Immersive Writing inside a Second Brain

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Knowledge, done right, is about feeling empowered!
(🧠✨4 Steps to Focused Divergence)

I experience that when writing with my “Second Brain“, inside Obsidian.
It’s an amplifier to my curiosity and divergent thinking.

Here’s how I maintain focus and creativity:

🔗 I create Zones for Focus and Divergence
I establish a grounded starting point
by linking my thoughts to the topic directly in Obsidian.
An anchor, allowing me to explore without losing sight of my core topic.

🤖 Smart Connections and AI Assistance
With Obsidian’s Smart Connections ─
AI suggests connections right next to my workspace.
This speeds up my research and encourages exploration.

🌐 Graph view reveals hidden links
Obsidian’s graph view reveals hidden links between my ideas.
This makes my process intuitive and also a lot more engaging.

📝 From Exploration to Execution
As I navigate through this structured AND flexible system,
I collect insights that form the backbone of my articles.
I can combine writing and collecting with quickly copy+paste key insights into my writing window. Without leaving Obsidian.


🚀 Advantages of My Approach
↳ Fast idea assimilation due to my prior investment in distilling thoughts.
↳ A controlled yet connected workflow that enhances my writing experience.
↳ Breakthrough Writer’s block with early exploration while writing. That unfolds the topic naturally.
↳ I enjoy the thrill of discovery, much like a treasure hunt, making the entire process productive and joyous.

This method doesn’t just help me write; it transforms the way I think and connect with my ideas.

👉Ready to experience such a flow in action? Reach out, and let’s explore how you can harness the power of your ‘Second Brain’!”

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Content preparation

Knowledge, done right, is about feeling empowered

I experienced a new flow in writing with with my Second Brain. During writing and phrasing my story I start

I need discipline when I write to not get lost in full diverging mode. My level of curiosity is super high and it is easy to follow any trace, get lost in the moment just to discover an hour later that it was far to deep and does not support my topic I want to write about at the moment.

Creating a zone for focus AND divergance: I think about a connection I have with the topic. I search in Obsidian and directly link the note. This acts as my starting point. I open this note as an overlay window, where I can skim through fast without leaving my writing window.

I discovered, how the Smart Connections AI automatically adjusts the Links suggested. This leads to immediate further explorations, and again I can directly open that close to my writing window.

The graph view, that shows my direct connections of the note I’m exploring provide a visual appealing path for further discovering.

Asking Obsidian-GPT for assistance of article outline and looking for further inspirations. This delivers me next connection points in a dialog. Again adding this to my list of links and explore further.

During the exploration I already gather most interesting thoughts. That forms a supporting body for my article.


  • grasp ideas more quickly, through the overlay windows and my previous investment in distilling my thoughts (key points extracted, highlights, visual extensions, linking with further thoughts) I can scan my knowledge with high speed
  • I stay in a more controlled environment and still have a connection to my writing. I enter a controlled flow zone and love that feeling of surving through my thoughts.
  • Writers block is addressed right from the first search and starting exploration early on. The topic unfolds while exploring.
  • The ability to copy key insights fast and insert in my writing window, all inside Obsidian, makes it a seamless and fun experience. I have joy in the discovery and collecting. Feels like searching for mushrooms.
  • Thinking a creativity can flourish under restricting conditions.

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