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Bewusstheit - Consciousness

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To listen and follow your own inner voice

Long term happiness results from who/what we are instead of what we possess.


Ability to observe yourself, your thoughts and emotions. By watching yourself and your close surrounding.

Our Action starts with a thought followed by an emotion. (I’m not so sure about that as other sources mention that our unconscious mind already created an answer before we think consciously.)

Connect with our gut feeling, a network of nerves around our solar plexus that is directly linked with our ancestor reptile brain. It is lightening fast and unconscious.


We get back the energy that we send. So our thoughts and way of behaving matter.

Processing emotions

  1. Notice
  2. Accept and undergo
  3. Let go

Self esteem

Self esteem is a mirror for our inner voice. And this can be formed by a lot of previous situations and attributions from others. So it becomes important observe your thoughts and emotions and trace back where it is coming from.


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