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  • But, for our own personal goals, they are not at all appropriate.
  • we never ask ourselves if this goal still makes us happy.
  • PARI is based on achievable actions
  • PACT defines the goal that will be held throughout the PARI system.
  • PACT should not focus on the goal but on what can be produced or created.
  • Purposeful: Your purpose should be important to yourself and have lasting meaning. It is easier to stay motivated if you spend time on something you care about.
  • Actionable: Focus on a goal that you can control yourself, that is not dependent on external factors.
  • Continuous: The actions that make up our goal must be actionable and easily repeatable.
  • Trackable: It must be easy to follow the actions we perform. Did I do this action today or
  • In PACT, there’s no pressure, no finality. We focus on one action each time and observe the results of that action.
  • Act is doing the PACT action defined above. It means blocking a slot in your agenda to hold the PACT.
  • React REACT is the personal analysis of your PACT.
  • It’s taking the time out of your week to assess whether your PACT is still relevant, still useful, and beneficial.
  • And, my IMPACT happens whenever I dare to publish an article.
  • PARI, which is entitled “Turning goals into growth loops: the PARI system of mindful productivity”.
  • The PARI system allows for natural self-improvement and the creation of habits that self-feed personal development loops.
  • It is a system that allows you to reach your goals while learning about yourself.
  • Finally, comes IMPACT. This is the time to step out of your comfort zone.
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