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Zettelkasten - Taking Smart Notes - Notes from a video by Joshua Meyer


Step 1 - Literature notes

Taken while reading with reference to the book.

I implement that with my highlights on Kindle or Matter and then having the reference in Obsidian either by the book note or matter note.

Missing the part of really phrasing it in my own words. Here I partially apply Progressive Summarization but not yet strictly enough.

Step 2 - Permanent notes

Get high quality additions to your 2nd brain based on the literature notes. It it recommended to create a new note and phrase that in own words and add own thought. And reference back to the original notes.

Reduce one note to own thought. But make that thought precise so that it can be used as a (Lego) building block for my thoughts.

Step 3 - Connect thoughts

  • Follow up thoughts
  • Connect to existing thoughts

Step 4 - Think with the Zettelkasten

  • Discover new connections.
  • Express yourself
    • feedback loop
    • creates a bigger meaning based on note taking
    • create more solid notes


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