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Developing a Zettelkasten

Source based on Obsidian

Invest in my note by adding own thoughts, connections, drawing conclusions.

Nice evolution path for notes in analogy to a digital garden.

Good structure how notes progress

Cosmic soup

  • Initial questions, thought and source


  • good title
  • footer with references and tags
  • initial thought more verbalized


not perfect yet, but good

  • Describes thought already quite well, but still something missing
  • at least two links with other notes
  • embedded on an overview note (e.g. on a MOC)

Bright Star

  • finished thought (not depending on number of words)
  • no comments left
  • many links to other topics/areas


  • Does Video directly with Obsidian notes
  • when working with tags outside frontmatter I can also use pictures for the text
  • CMT+CTRL+Leertaste shows Emojii

%% Seems to be a comment function in Obsidian %%


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