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Notes from Crashcourse Zettelkaste for Beginners

Source Step 1..4 from Zettelkasten - Taking Smart Notes - Notes from a video by Joshua Meyer

Comment: Why does it matter to have a separate Literature note and a permanent note?

  • to capture where a thought came from

Further note types beside Literature notes and permanent notes

Fleeting Notes

  • throw away notes/thoughts that just came on the fly
  • difference to literature notes is more that they are more our own thoughts
  • and they are note yet permanent notes because they are note yet phrased in high quality
  • also for notes that just act as reminders…
  • the can be thrown away after processing

Project Notes

  • Notes connected with projects.
  • Later on one can recheck and extract further permanent notes
  • used to not pollute my permanent notes

Map of Content

MOCs Overview

Some guidlines

  • write the note for yourself
  • write for long term usage
  • be consistent in processing
  • make notes atomic
  • extract the common concept
    • comment: makes the note more compatible with other notes (but might also dilute the note)
  • use sentences as titles
    • forces to bring key insight to the surface and enforces concept of atomic notes
    • makes it better embeddable in floating text
  • use links inside the text (so my chapter with Linking is not yet the best approach)
  • think of connections with other notes
  • ensure each notes is easily reachable

Templates, tags, folders

Chapter 4


  • to distinguish private and public areas
  • to bundle topics
  • to have project related topics
  • see PARA Method Notes


  • for note type (Fleeting, Permanent, Literature,…)
  • for status
  • work with nested tags eg. note type/status


  • When working with tags I can better visualize that in the graph view of Obsidian (vs. working with folders)
    • to further improve that beside using tags on can also add something like }b for book note to the notes title


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