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Progressive Summarization


1st pass

  • Use bold and highlights on the highlights from a book.
  • Just mark the areas that express the key point from a highlight and that are surprising and/or something new
  • Don’t drill down on a topic. You can do this later. So touch lightly, move quickly.
  • For a book it takes around 1-2 hours
  • Do the 1-pass processing e.g. in the evening

2nd pass

  • working with yellow highlighting to make it even more visible what the ballparks are. Just look on the bold marked items
  • things that should really peak your interest in a year from now
  • what jumps out
  • things that we separated in the source come closer and one can see the connections
  • 1/3 of the time of pass #1

3rd pass

Learned from Blinkist Guide with Tiago Forte

  • extract the distilled highlights and write it in your own structure and words
  • addition by me: add Linking, Comments

Prepare for express or start expressing right away


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