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How to take Digital Notes

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  • Notetaking to extend/enhance our capabilities of our brains.
  • Livelong personal knowledge management

    What to capture

    Inspiring - If it is something that is moving you. That is uniquely inspiring for me. Useful - as you can use it as a building block for something later. Easily Lost For stuff that is easily lost … and is unlikely that I can find it in future easily Personal - knowledge that I created that is not easy to replicate and also not easy to find on Google

Example - when sending a highly prepared notes with an explanation. Store the content in your notes too. (as it is very likely to be used again)



You capture highlights from eBooks, Articles, Webpages – sets you apart above 99.5% of people (who are not doing that).

Extract highlights … you can annotate

Read later apps

  • Pocket
  • Instapaper

Chrome extension

  • liner … enables highlighting on a page

It is about setting up the last step of saving the capture to your notetaking app. Getting the information under my control and in my domain.


Waiting for having captured enough. Do the organization later. Start with little concrete parts and get it going


It is often just too much we saved (even if it is just the 5% and with high bar for capture).

Summarize the key points of the notes using Progressive Summarization (highlight, bolding and make it easy to jump around in the notes).


Share, express, become a creator with your notes. Creator - bringing something good, beautiful or useful into the world.

It needs a private garden of knowledge. Spending to to create timeless information.

Why learning about Digital Note Taking - Information exhaustion

Stress levels increased by amount of information. FOMI - fear of missing information.

Mindset of a creator

Avoid just becoming a digital hoarder


Everything is project centric. And only some take active moment to reflect on all the projects that are going on. Getting conscious about the projects going on programs subconscious mindset and now on everything is paying more attention too.



  • Course - Building a Second Brain … enroll in this course
  • Learn about course platform Teachable
  • PARA Method Notes
  • [[Extend Your Mind]]
  • Look at Instapaper – puts articles in a readable format (might be replaced with Remarable)
    • can automatically sync with evernote regarding highlights made… (done with IFFT)
  • Check good Screenshot apps
  • Airrr.io
  • Audible app has bookmark (extract these highlights later)
  • Learn more about Progressive Summarization (via Blog from Tiago)


How can I annotate my highlights from Kindle with the


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