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How a PKMS connects with the 21 skills that pay you forever

Discover how your PKMS can be leveraged to unlock the full potential of the 21 skills that will pay you dividends for life.

Convey what you think and feel (2)

By externalizing knowledge from our brain to our PKMS and sharing it, we can make knowledge easier and earlier accessible for others.

When we extend the information captured with our own thoughts and feelings and link it with other knowledge, we create our own unique version of that information.

By Building a Second Brain - Insights our thoughts we think deeper.

Break a process down into smaller steps (3)

By applying CODE where we Capture - Organize - Distill - Express knowledge in our second brain we apply a stepwise approach to work with information.

This helps us to process information more efficiently and effectively as we can focus on core aspects of each step.

Read, understand and memorize (6)

With our PKMS we understand that leveraging brain external tools to store information relief us from trying to store information in our physical brain. We save energy and also make our information accessible fast.

By applying Progressive Summarization we extend our reading skills as we already read with high awareness to capture new learnings.

By processing our knowledge through Capture - Organize - Distill - Express we foster a deeper understanding of information and grow our knowledge.

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    Manage time effectively (8)

    With growing our Second Brain we simplify working with information when used later on again. For example, when we invest in reading a book and apply Progressive Summarization we can get back to the essential knowledge and leverage that knowledge fast. Instead of re-reading the book, when can start using that knowledge right away.

By applying PARA to manage information, we increase efficiency to find information and connect it with relevant projects or areas of responsibilities. And we also unlearn by reliefing information in our archive.

Concrete examples

  • more effective processing of books and videos
  • faster finding of information through cross linking and logical information management with PARA
  • distilled information that connects to our knowledge by applying Capture - Organize - Distill - Express

Make decisions based on facts not based on emotions (10)

The PKMS aggregates a body of knowledge over time. The PKMS supports argumentation as it provides knowledge fast. For taking decisions, when can use that data to argue.

If one invests in proper linking to the sources of information it helps to traverse knowledge.

Learn how to learn (16)

Building a PKMS is an improvement on our way of learning. By further perfecting the way we work with our PKMS we increase our learning abilities.

Master our thoughts (19)

By extending captured information with our own thoughts, connecting it with existing knowledge and by distilling information, we get more conscious about our thoughts.

Write words to persuade and influence others (20)

By Building a Second Brain - Insights our thoughts we can collaborate easier and provide our unique perspective.

Writing becomes simpler when we separate Capture - Organize - Distill - Express and focus on specific aspects of every step. Writing based on already highly distilled information enables us to directly access our knowledge instead of wasting time with previous steps, that actually diluted our writing focus.

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