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How I Capture My Eureka Moments

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How I Capture My Eureka Moments 💡

Sick of losing brilliant ideas on the go? 🤔
I was, and it was frustrating—until I found a way to capture those fleeting ideas instantly.

Now I do a fast capture on my mobile in 3 ways:

✪ Voice to text in a tap with JustPressRecord (a mobile app that allows voice notes and immediate transcript)
✪ Quick notes directly in Obsidian—markdown ready for easy import to my Second Brain
✪ Snap & attach a photo to my note, when I got the thought from something I see

To transfer these captures easily to my Second Brain I created a simple Obsidian plugin. It imports Notes and Images from Google Drive to Obsidian and converts it to notes with attachments.

So, I just share from Mobile to Google Drive, and import to Obsidian with one click.

3 benefits and Never lose a brilliant idea again:
✪ Effortless sync from my mobile to my Second Brain
✪ Capture now, organize later—no idea left behind
✪ Streamlined process ..saves me several steps and frees up mental space.

I’m not stopping there. I’m eyeing ChatGPT to further trim my app collection, aiming for further simplicity.

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Content preparation

I often have ideas and extending thoughts when I’m on my way. And I found it crucial to capture these ideas for later to develop such ideas further. Often these sparks are important and get lost when context changes. And I observed myself being disappointed when I cannot recap that small lightbulb moment.

And I observed that for me it is important to have a lightweight inflow of captured thoughts to my Second Brain center that I maintain in Obsidian. For all Online information I already use Matter and with its automated import to Obsidian this work super well already (details on my capturing with Matter: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/sebastiankamilli_secondbrain-efficiency-productivity-activity-7154820795981053952-U1Tg?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop)

Some practice for rapid capture when I’m on the go that work well for me are:

  • Take a voice note to my mobile. I use the App JustPressRecord for that - it allows taking a voice note and supports with an immediate transcription.
  • Add a note to Obsidian on my Mobile - with the benefit of already have a Markdown Format
  • Take a picture and combine with a note, also in Obsidian

To have a more lightweight import of further information from my Mobile too I developed my first super simple Obsidian Plugin. It imports data from a Google Drive Folder to my Obsidian and converts text information to Markdown Files and Binary Files to Markdown Files with and included attachments.


  • I can share captures asynchronously to the G-Drive folder
  • I capture to Obsidian when I’m on my Laptop
  • I save several steps of converting notes. Makes it easier and less prone to losing the idea along the way.

I will experiment further with ChatGPT and automatically exporting information, as this would allow to reduce my App stack further and simplify capturing.

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