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🚀 Embarking on the Fastlane to Wealth! 🚀

This morning, I turned the last page on MJ DeMarco’s The Millionaire Fastlane.
And I’m still buzzing with the electric shock of new insights!

Ever experienced that moment when a book reshapes how you see your goals and strategies?
That’s where I am—transformed and charged.

A small impulse from the book — 🔑 F-A-S-T-L-A-N-E S-U-P-E-R-C-H-A-R-G-E-R:
(A Blueprint to Break the Chains of Mediocrity)
(F)ormula: Wealth isn’t accidental. It’s a crafted formula of beliefs, actions, and habits.
(A)dmit: The slow path to riches? It’s flawed with too little control and slow math.
(S)top and Swap: Ditch the soul-sucking 9-5. Your retirement fund won’t make you rich.
(T)ime: Time is the new gold. Make it your top criterion for every decision.
(L)everage: Unlock real wealth with systems that scale.
(A)ssets & Income: Accelerate wealth by growing your income streams and asset values.
(N)umber: Know your ‘Escape Number’—the exact amount you need to live your dream.
(E)ffection: Impact millions to make millions.

(S)teer: Make smart extreme decisions with WCCA and WADM principles.
(U)ncouple: Break free from slow paths by building your own business structures.
(P)assion & Purpose: Let these drive you more than mere profit.
(E)ducate: Commit to lifelong learning—what you know today isn’t enough for tomorrow.
(R)oad: Train your mind to spot opportunities where others see none.
(C)ontrol: Own your outputs fully—from pricing to product.
(H)ave: Offer what people need, and money will follow.
(A)utomate: Detach your time from money to truly scale.
(R)eplicate: Reach for the massive impact.
(G)row: Approach business growth like a multi-level chess game.
(E)xit: Know when to cash out and how to do it strategically.
(R)etire, Reward, or Repeat: Choose your path after success.

Massive thanks to MJ DeMarco for this roadmap to a richer life and Ali Abdaal for the impulse through your Youtube video 🌟

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Today morning started super early. 4AM I started to finish reading the “The Millionaire Fastlane”.

Do you know that feeling of learning something and now that you know, you can’t revert, you can’t go back. This just happened. The realization of having been a Slowlaner, tough! The road to Fastlaner, tough too, and at the same time exciting, tangible and a goal worth pursuing. I’m on it now!

For all who love a little disillusion - maybe these short acronym teasers provide the impulse to read it too.

F-A-S-T-L-A-N-E S-U-P-E-R-C-H-A-R-G-E-R (F)ormula - wealth is a formula and a systematic process of beliefs, choices, actions and habits (A)dmit - that “Get Rich Slow,” is fundamentally flawed because of Uncontrollable Limited Leverage and weak mathematics predicated on time (S)top and Swap - Stop selling your soul for a weekend. Stop thinking that 401(K)s and indexed funds will make you rich (T)ime - Time is the king as of Fastlane. Make decisions with time as the critical decision factor. (L)everage - Leverage controllable and unlimited mathematics to create wealth. There is not leverage with Slowlane wealth equation. (A)ssets and Income - wealth is accelerated by exploding income and Asset value via a business that can be systemized and eventually sold in a liquidation event (N)umber - What is your Escape Number - How much money will you need to live your dream lifestyle? Determine your number, break it down by the penny, and make it real today. (E)ffection - Impact millions, and you will make millions

(S)teer - To enforce good decisions at the extremes, deploy WCCA and WADM. Avoid DAREs. (U)ncouple - Uncouple from the Slowlane wealth equation by creating your business structure in a favorable Fastlane entity (E)ducate - Pledge to never stop learning. What you know now is not enough to become the person you need to be tomorrow (R)oad - Train your mind to see needs, problems, and ways to improve things through value skew (C)ontrol - Engage in an organization that you fully control, from pricing to marketing to operations (H)ave - HAVE what others NEED, and money will flow into your life. This reflects the Commandment of Need. (A)utomate - your business and honor the Commandment of Time. Get your time detached from your company (R)eplicate - honor the Commandment of Scale. Get on a playing field where home runs can be hit. To impact millions, you must be in a field capable of affecting millions! (G)row - your business by treating it multi-dimensionally, like a game of chess. Treat customers like your boss and reposition complaints to opportunities (E)xit - Know when to liquidate your assets, transforming paper money into real money. Know when it’s time to get off the horse and learn to ride a new one (R)etire, Reward or Repeat - which, Reward yourself for milestones met along the journey.

Thank you Ali for providing the impulse through your Youtube video. Thank you MJ DeMarco for externalizing your thoughts with that awesome book.

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