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5 Reasons I’m Hooked on LinkedIn

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5 Reasons I’m Hooked on LinkedIn
(Nr 5. - Curiosity in Overdrive…)

Ever wondered why expressing on LinkedIn is game-changing? 🤔

Here’s why I’m hooked on sharing thoughts on LinkedIn:
✪ Clarity in Communication — Writing on LinkedIn forces me to crystallize my thoughts. No room for fluff here; each word packs a punch. 🥊
✪ The Power of Visuals— I explore new creative horizons daily. Carousels, Midjourney images, and sharp designs transform my words. They create visual journeys that draw people in. 🎨
✪ Ideas Transformed — I turn knowledge into value here. This platform is my lab, where I mix and meld ideas and reach the express stage from working with my Second Brain 💡
✪ Community & Connection — Every post builds bridges to new minds. I share, I learn, and I connect. It’s a cycle of growth that expands with every interaction. 🌐
✪ Curiosity in Overdrive — LinkedIn is my curiosity catalyst. It shapes my thoughts, challenges my views, and keeps me on a constant path of learning and discovery. 🧭

I keep one goal in sight: to add value to your day and ignite a spark in your professional journey.

So, what drives you to share on LinkedIn? What have you learned from your network today?

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Content preparation

Distill my messages to a core

As usage of LinkedIn is often connected with limited attention span, I’m challenged to write distilled versions of my insights and experiences. This improves my writing with less fluff and getting to the core.

Extending my creativity

Supporting posts with visuals, carousels request another level of my creativity. Through that challenge I got to explore MidJourney for image generation, experiment with Carousels and ways to express thoughts in sequences, think about proper visualizations and aspects of design. I’m still a newbie and at the same time looking at my learning curve on that topic, quite steep now.

Reach Express stage of working with my Knowledge

I force myself to work with express stage of the C-O-D-E cycle of my Second Brain. Express means to use my Second Brain knowledge and create something new from it. Posts are a new version of my knowledge. It helps me to reflect, to recombine learnings, to link further and just creates another important touchpoint with my learnings.

Socialize and working out loud

Sharing from my experiences and working out loud in public enables new connections, might be of help for you to build on my insights and leverage learnings. I experience new and refreshed connections and have great conversations with smart people.

Drives overall Curiosity and Learning

I’m driven by Curiosity. LinkedIn writing is for me a great trigger and motivator for exploring. Having a daily writing goal channels my thoughts. It is super interesting how thinking about a potential next posts channels thoughts. I improved my thoughts capture routine, further streamline my core message and find it fascinating how my subconscious mind again and again presents me with next topics to write about. I read and process a lot of informations. LinkedIn writings provides another lense to processing.

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