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Magnetic writing tips distilled

based on [[magnetic-writing-10-tips-to-make-your-content-irresistible]] by Kieran Drew

Broad to Grow, Specific to Sell

  • Catch on Social Media - with broad messages. Sell via eMail with specific messages
  • Eugen Schwartz - Market Awareness Levels

Catch with a broad hook!

Example for broad on social media and specific in eMail

The Rule of One

  • People enjoy simple content, like to feel special and are busy!

  • Write for one person
  • About one problem
  • Sharing one solution
  • Using one story
  • With one call to action

Specific example for the Rule of One

Use YOU as the most beautiful word in the English Language

When we read we have only one question in mind: What is in it for me?

Do not:

  • just tell stories about yourself
  • talk about their readers problems. People don’t enjoy feeling bad!

The reader is the hero! Bounce between You and I.

  • Whenever it’s the reader’s fault, remove the blame or put it on an enemy. Talk about ‘we’, ‘they’, or ‘I’.
  • Whenever it’s in the reader’s benefit, empower them. Use ‘you’

Make your Writing a Slippery Slide

Slippery Side Writing

  • Short first sentences
  • Small paragraphs
  • Questions
  • Stories
  • Bullets
  • Visuals
  • Sub-Headlines
  • Varied sentence length
  • Seeds of curiosity and open loops (announce something in the beginning and come back to that later)

connects well with On Writing

Be the Guide, not the Guru

Swap How To’s for How I’s

The 33% Rule

Write concise, curious, clear

Set a target to reduce word count by 33% before you publish!

  • Read it out loud. Where it does not flow, change!
  • Change the screen and check it on your phone
  • First draft fast, second slow, final edit and then go

Build bridges for readers

Use simple language, useful explanations and logical sequence.

Don’t write words, paint pictures

  • Stories - chose the simples ones, that your reader can relate to most
  • Analogies - illustrate your ideas

  • Metaphors - is a direct comparison

  • Personification - give human-like attributes

  • Anecdotes
  • Specific details

Five For, Five Against

  • What do you believe strongly about that most people don’t?
  • What pisses you off?

4 W’s of Winning Ideas

A winning idea lights your reader on fire, getting them to declare:

  • “Yes, this is precisely how I feel!”
  • “Finally, someone said it!”
  • “Wow, this is useful!”
  • I feel like this person gets me.

connects with [[The Human Experience#Claim - Proof Model]]

  • Why should my reader care?
    • What makes this different?
    • What problem(s) does it solve?
  • When did I realise this?
    • What moment did I first find this?
    • What other times have I noticed?
  • What can I build to help my reader win?
    • What is my unique mechanism?
  • Who else can support this argument?
    • Client, Stories & statistics, Mentors
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