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Agile Coach Career model from Spotify


4 Levels and three pillars

Pillar Behavior

Self assessment

Think independently

Promote collaboration

Self awareness

Situational Awareness and Leadership

Give and receive feedback

Communicate with ease

Operate well in Ambiguity

Build relationsships

Pillar Craft

Self Accessment


With having a formal systemic business coach education I understand and practice coaching. So I can support on level 4-5 and regularly use coaching skills when e.g. working with Engineering Managers, Leads and Agile Champions


I’m on level 5 when it comes to facilitation. I facilitated hundreds of workshops and I’m experienced on Remote and physical session facilitation. For sizes up to to 20 people.

I’m not that experienced in large group formats beyond 20 people. I facilitated some Meetups, all hands and level ups.


I gave several learning workshops and grew my experience in teaching. I access myself to be in level 2-3.


  • Coaching on Agile - Cohort based training on Core Agile
  • Assumption Testing class
  • Facilitation 2 days course
  • Working with an Opportunity-Solution-Tree - course
  • Cost of Delay - 3h workshop
  • Kanban - one day workshop

Agile Lean specialist

I’m on level 3-4 here

  • high skill level when it comes to working with Actionable Agile Metrics
  • advanced knowledge of Kanban and building a flow based system
  • good understanding of Value Stream mapping although I’m missing deeper practical experience [[Midjourney V6 prompts examples/030-039 Areas/31 Me/31.01 Knowledge Portfolio/Value Stream Mapping]]
  • good understanding of Lean - an overview

Pillar Impact

Self assessment

I’m on level Staff Agile Coach and support on all levels in the company.


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