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Unlike Scrum and XP, Lean doesn’t include a set of practices. Lean is a mindset, and just like with the mindset for Scrum or XP, Lean comes with values and principles (which, in Lean terminology, are called “thinking tools”). [[Learning Agile]] (p 269) The mindset of lean is sometimes called lean thinking.

(it is not a methodology as it is missing concrete practices)

Lean values

[[Learning Agile]] (p272)

Seven wastes of Software Development

  • Partially done work
  • Extra processes
  • Extra features
  • Task switching
  • Waiting
  • Motion (e.g. walking/travel to collaborate)
  • Defects

One tool for understanding the system and detecting waste is [[Value Stream Mapping - theoretical background |Value Stream Mapping]]

3 Types of wastes that constrain a workflow

Muda (無駄), which means “futility; uselessness; idleness; superfluity; waste; wastage; wastefulness”

Mura (斑), which means “unevenness; irregularity; lack of uniformity; nonuniformity; inequality”

Muri (無理), which means “unreasonableness; impossible; beyond one’s power; too difficult; by force; perforce; forcibly; compulsorily; excessiveness; immoderation”

[[Learning Agile]] (p305)

(stemming from The Toyota Production System)


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