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Notes from Wista taking video tutorial

Basic setup tips

  • camera in eye hight and about an arm length distance
    • just above eye-line and slightly pointing down
  • light in front of you
  • standing position for video seems to be a good choice
    • actually in the camera video it was suggested to take a seating position when you are not in a studio environment
    • more personal and casual
  • get hyped and pump yourself up
  • cover lens with hands when you got a good take
  • check if I can start/stop the recording via stream deck…

Preparing material

  • just take some shorts with the Handy camera

About backgrounds

  • office background is more authentic
    • for testimonials
  • remove any background clutter
  • try to have consistent, ambient light
  • paper background
    • muted tones
    • different colors
  • create gradient with a light pointing to the middle of the paper


  • a camera setup with an external monitor is great

  • a tripod is great too

  • soft flattering light


  • get mic as close to subject as possible
  • use an external microphone


  • put the light behind you to remove shadows from the background

Editing tips


  • Hear video before audio - makes it a little bit snappier and timing & pacing gets easier
  • work with many layers

    Trim dead space

  • helps with overall pace


  • remove shakening hands
  • there are several settings in tools e.g. Adobe Warp Stabilizer

    Being critical

  • remove fluff


  • rotate and scale when necessary


  • starting and ending point of a smooth transition

    Time & Pacing

  • add beats and breathes in between

    Too much b-roll

  • remove unnecessary clips

    Audio levels

  • leave final audio tweaks to the end
  • listen on several devices
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