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Learning about Hooks


  • include numbers in hooks
    • I failed 3+ businesses
    • Here is my 6 years overnight success
    • numbers:
      • convey specific information, grasped quickly
      • showcase achievements in a measurable way
      • stick in readers minds better
  • 2nd hook line with parentheses
    • vibe of exclusive information
  • Use the word I or My in the hook
    • add a personal touch by strong usage of my , I, you, your
  • use the word: How
    • How to become …
  • share insights … via How to ..

12 tips from Lara

1) Use specific numbers to gain trust
2) Keep the hook between 7-10 words
3) Reveal the final outcome in the hook
4) Always deliver on the hooks promise
5) Use the first line to make a statement
6) And use the second line to add context
7) Use curiosity to get them to “see more”
8) Give them a benefit or immediate result
9) Use transformations for emotional connection
10) Keep it concise by focusing on one simple idea
11) Use parenthesis to highlight a desired outcome
12) Repeat using “you”, “your”, “How I” and “How you”

21 Simple Hook Headlines

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