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The role of automation in my Second Brain

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How I reduce cognitive load through automating my Second Brain 🧠

In my Second Brain I need to maintain several workflows.
To focus on what truly matters I leverage automation to delegate mundane tasks.

8 automations supercharge my system:
🤖 Obsidian shortcuts for speed
🤖 Loupedeck for custom control
🤖 Templates for efficient note-taking
🤖 Data views for quick note overviews
🤖 Automated sharing to my digital garden
🤖 Easy import of images, documents & voice notes
🤖 Rule-based note filing for effortless organization
🤖 Seamless integration of highlights from Matter and Kindle

Automation frees my mind. It lets you be more creative, more reflective, and more impactful.

What’s your favorite workflow automation? Curious about your experiences!

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How I reduce cognitive load through automating my Second Brain

In my Second Brain I maintain several workflows. To simplify and reduce cognitive load automation and shortcuts are key to me.

8 automations that help me in my daily Second Brain work:

  • I learned and repeated the main shortcuts on Obsidian.
  • I invested in a Loupedeck controller and added several Obsidian specific shortcuts to simplify creating notes
  • I use templates for my different note types (Fleeting Notes, Literature Notes, Permanent Note, Index Note)
  • Combined template for automated moving of notes to the right folder
  • automated import of all Matter highlights and all Kindle highlights
  • semi automated import of images, documents, voice memos
  • semi-automated export to my digital garden
  • leverage data views to aggregate notes overviews. E.g. all my LinkedIn articles or all my Kindle books

I observe where I use repeated activities and invest in continuously improve my approach with automations. This way I can focus on important, higher level topics and leverage technology to help me getting rid of mundane tasks.

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