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Notizen aus der Stoffwechselkompass

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  • HIIT improves abilities for cells to divide (what is important to renew cells in our body)
  • [Autophagy](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autophagy#:~:text=Autophagy%20(or%20autophagocytosis%3B%20from%20the,a%20lysosome%2Ddependent%20regulated%20mechanism.) is an important aspect
    • can be activated when we reduce calorie intake by 20-30 percent (this decreases insulin levels that would otherwise block self cleanup)
  • Mitochondria work against free radicals in our body
    • supported by intake of Cystein e.g. in Soy beans, Cashew, Peanut and Oat
    • frequent sports
  • Comment: regularly using short cold showers or having a cold/hot change outside is activating our brown fat cells
  • eat 20-30 percent from fat. 2/3 from unsaturated fats (e.g. Olive oil, linseed oil)
    • unsaturated fats are basis for hormons to work and for elasticity of our cell membrans
    • embed more fibers (e.g. in linseed, lenses, beans, vegetables, fruits)
  • frequent sports and less alcohol activate fat burning
  • while aging our body our metabolism we lose aminoacids as protein synthesis works less efficient
    • when eating to less and with much stress we even increase that
  • a meal with 55 percent soy and 45 percent rice has a biological significance of 111
  • Sarkopenie - the reduction of muscle mass while aging
  • we need a regular muscle training starting from age 50+
  • best prevention from dementia is regular moving
  • the PRISCUS list is important to understand effects from an intake of different medicaments


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