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MOC Vegan Living

Books linked with being Vegan

This MOC provides an overview on several sources I’ve used since I started my Vegan journey back in 2009. At the moment it lists all my digital versions but I’ll also soon add my paper versions too.

Vegan - Building behavior

  • Hook Model great source to understand how one can build a behavior. And vegan living is a lot about changing old behaviors.


  • [[The Optimum Nutrition Bible]] helped me a lot in understanding different aspects of nutrition and how it connects to our health and body
  • about fat - ARD: Superstoff Fett - Wie viel Körperfett ist ideal?
    • with further interesting session about Protein, Vitamin D, Carbs


  • [[Garantiert gesundheitsgefährdend]]
  • [[Zahnarztlügen]] influenced my perspective on teeth health and let me to a whole new approach about my teeth health. I’m in my experiment in year 4 and still saved one tooth that a dentist wanted to open in a radical way.
  • [[Zahngesund]]


  • [[Fünf Hausmittel ersetzen eine Drogerie]] changed my approach of working with deodorants, cleaning, reducing waste

Spiritual Discovery of Vegan

  • [[Das Café am Rande der Welt]] let me to understand healthy living as one of my core drivers


  • [[PERMAKULTUR. Der Leitfaden für Einsteiger]]

Further sources


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