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Notes from Das erschoepfte Gehirn - The exhausted brain

Source Author: Michael Nehls

Ego Depletion - the exhausted brain. Caused by overloading our brain, not having enough time to recharge and several factors that do not support brain cell growth and renewal.

How to support Neurogenese and brain relaxation

  • Sports and regular body activity (produces several supporting hormons)
  • Enough sleep (supports flushing Hippocampus storage and creating new brain cells)
  • Omega 3 rich nutrition (Algenöl)
  • Social interaction and body contact (supports Oxytocin production)
  • avoid Nicotin, Alcohol, Cannabis (this blocks brain cell creation)
  • avoid added sugar (leads to inflammations)
  • reduce continuous stress
  • continuous learning (as without learning our body stops/reduces production of new brain cells) - You lose, what you don’t use
    • New experiences and connected with strong emotions leads to new brain connections
  • avoid too much meaningless/repetitive activities
    • it is tiring our brain and at the same time does not lead to new brain connections as their is now learning embedded. So it actually leads to shrinking brains.
    • Note: this might connect with e.g. passive watching TV, passive usage of Mobile Phones

Neurogenese also works with higher age.

System 1 and System 2

The Hippocampus has limited daily capacity. When full our brain switches to working more with System 1. Consequences are:

  • tendency to prejudice
  • not being able to find rational solutions for complex problems as deep thinking is blocked
  • lowered self steering

Interesting side note: to solve complex problems, system 2 also uses sensations, emotions and memories.

Connection with Building a Second Brain

Building a Second Brain supports by freeing up storage and leaving capacity in Hippocampus for doing creative work and solving complex problems. Therewith building a Second Brain avoids exhausting our brain with activities we don’t really need our brains for.

Claim: Our brains are for having ideas, not for storing them

[[Thinking, Fast and Slow]]


  • MOC Building a 2nd brain (BASB supports with wise usage of our limited Hippocampus memory)
  • MOC Vegan Living (connects with healthy living and nutrition aspects)
  • Notes from The 5AM Club (supports brain work in the morning)
  • [[Thinking, Fast and Slow]] (explains System 1 & 2 in more detail)
  • [[2nd pass for Das erschöpfte Gehirn]] (source)
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