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4 more ingredients to finally get the weight drop

I’m on my 76th week streak of Peloton Interactive training. Finished more than 17000 minutes last year and built strong endurance, strength and formed my strong daily habit.

Still my weight did not change the way I wanted.

Starting this year I added 4 more incredients and my weight dropped by 7 kilos in 25 days.

(1) I defined an OKR for myself about the target weight and conditions for reaching that weight by end of this quarter

(2) I adjusted my nutrition further and removed added sugar and mood snacks in the evening

(3) I added more to my sports mix and combine cycling with strength training, more Yoga and stretching.

(4) And I added more bacteria to my life

I’m feeling strong, even more awake and energised and happy that I found a solution that builds on my already strong foundation of my training habit.

Posted on LinkedIn on January 2023


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