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The Game Changers


The Game Changers inspired me as a great source about sports and being vegan. I have been to one of the live cinema sessions in Berlin. For me the first time with standing ovations in a cinema. + And I bought a version on Vimeo

  • Research your own experience
  • Absorb what is useful
  • Reject what is useless
  • Add what is specifically your own

Study about Gladiators - plant based nutrition - Hordeari

Muscles mainly work based on carbo hydrates (and not via misbelief … proteins)

All proteins originate in plants.

Animal based has a huge negative impact on the blood function and ability to operate. Heme iron heavily increases risk of heart disease.

  • 40% higher risk of prostate cancer
  • 3x higher risk of colon cancer

Early humans eat mainly plants. And our bodies are also made for plant processing. Carbs helped to develop big brains. Our bodies are not made for meat processing.

B12 must be supplemented by ALL human.

Recovery as most essential elements for sports training. Bouncing back quickly is a huge advantage.

Plant based - rich on antioxidants (46x more). Reduces inflammation measures. Reduces risk of heart disease by 55% and can even reverse heart diseases.

Accelerates healing process.

Higher sexual endurance.

No differences in estrogen levels. (but chicken, diary increase estrogen, cortisol and reduce testosterons)

Meat, diary,… need 83% of the farmland. Animals consume 6x more proteins than what they “produce”. Needing huge amounts of waters. 2400l of embedded water for one hamburger. Water pollution. 15% of pollution.

Mentioned people

  • James Wilks (Marshal Arts figther)
  • Nate Diaz (Fighter)
  • Scott Jurek (Ultra Marathon runner)
  • Murray Rose 1956-1960 (four gold medals)
  • Edwin Moses
  • Carl Lewis
  • Morgan Mitchell (sprinter)
  • Dotsie Bausch (cycling, 39 years old to win the olympic games)
  • Kendrick James Farris (weight lifting)
  • Patrick Baboumian (several world records strongman)
  • Bryant Jennings (boxing)
  • Derrick Morgan (football)
  • Dr. Caldwell B Esselstyn (heart disease reversal program)
  • Rip Esselstyn (fire figther)
  • Lucious Smith (NFL cornerback and Black Belt Jujitsu)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Nimai Delgado (bodybuilder)
  • Michael Janik (bodybuilder)
  • Charity Morgan (professional chef)
  • Lewis Hamilton (car racing)
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