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I was tired of constantly re-learning the same things

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I was tired of constantly re-learning the same things!
(And found my way to smart learning)

We consume tons of information (courses, books, podcasts…) but struggle to apply and easily retrieve it when we actually need it.

I was an avid learner, just like you, but always felt frustrated because I had to constantly rehash old knowledge.
Then I discovered a transformative approach to learning…

It is the C.O.D.E. that matters.
Building a Second Brain 🧠 system changed everything for me!
It’s about (C)apturing, (O)rganizing, (Distilling) and (E)xpressing your knowledge for fast retrieval and real-world application.
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Main benefits:
💡Find what you need, FAST
💡End the cycle of re-learning
💡Build upon your past insights
💡Leverage AI as your personalized assistant.

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One person: The learner, that is not happy with their gained knowledge

One Problem: We might learn through reading, taking courses, listening to podcast, consuming video tutorials, but we miss investing in growing an efficient and effective personal system that manifests these learnings that helps us with application and fast retrieval of knowledge - when we need it and without the wasteful activity of having to re-learn the same thing again.

One Solution: I grow my personal knowledge management system by following Tiago Fortes Building a Second Brain approach. I found Obsidian as my central knowledge hub and grew an infrastructure of tools and workflows that help me to:

  • capture information from various sources in a highly efficient way
  • To organize my knowledge following the PARA-approach. Impulse: PARA stands for Projects-Areas-Resources-Archives (more in the comments…)
  • Distill key insights, that are important for my areas of growth and derive knowledge building blocks that I link to existing knowledge. The compound effects in action.
  • Express with my knowledge in various forms, each day. Examples: My daily LinkedIn sharing of insights, Leadership course I design, the Digital Garden I’m working out loud with (see comments)
  • leverage AI capabilities on my personal experience and knowledge. Think of a personalized AI, directly extending YOUR capabilities.

One Story: I’m and avid learner since 24 years now and I discovered my passion for growing through continuous learning very early on. At the same time I was still not happy with my knowledge retrieval. Even though I read hundreds of books, attended dozens of courses and working in many fields I still had to learn the same thing over and over again. I was just using the wrong approach to growing knowledge! But I just discovered a main lesson about my personal knowledge management about 2 years ago. It was the power of compound and smart learning. And this changed everything. The heureka moment - When I invest in the way I grow knowledge, I can re-invest the time I gain from a much more effective and efficient learning to solving higher order problems and grow a compounding stack of knowledge. Since then I established my Second Brain structure and benefit from:

  • I can retrieve my knowledge much faster than before and use it daily
  • Invest less time in re-learning and more time in working with my knowledge
  • Can build on top of my previous learnings
  • Can share insights with others easily and help to solve problems

One CTA: Follow me to get more insights on Smart Learning and growing your approach leveraging your knowledge. And please reach out to me directly, if you want to learn more about PKM

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