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Two Years with My Second Brain - A Journey of Discovery and Growth

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📚 Two Years with My Second Brain: A Journey of Discovery and Growth 🧠
(from 1.69 million words to countless insights)

Two years ago, I embarked on a journey inspired by Tiago Forte’s Second Brain approach. Little did I know, it would dramatically change the way I capture, organize, distill, and express my thoughts. I established Obsidian as my primary note-taking system, an ecosystem that grew to include:

📝 2920 notes with
📎 2304 attachments connected with
🔗 9122 links written in
📖 1,692,930 words and expressed in
🌱 738 artefacts published in my digital garden
✪ Based on 70 community plugins 🧩
✪ And an actionable project list of 33 private and 51 work-related projects

As my Second Brain grew, so did my interest in leveraging AI capabilities. This led me to the Smart Connections plugin, which provides an AI layer atop my notes. Smart Connections revolutionized how I express thoughts and explore ideas, allowing me to dive deep into my focus areas, including Learning how to Learn, Leadership and Coaching, Investing in Personal Development, Future Skills and Learning Flexibility, and Longevity.

My journey evolved from curiosity and exploration to discovery, application, content creation, and now, community engagement. I’ve seen firsthand the ROI of these initiatives:
✪ I can leverage my knowledge more efficiently, reducing the need to rework topics or reread entire books 📚
✪ I can reflect on my learnings and understand my development 🧐
✪ I have become more efficient in managing knowledge, wasting less time on structure and searches 🔍
✪ I can switch topics quickly, making my work more flexible and fluid 🔄
✪ I discover interesting connections between topics, boosting my creativity 🎨
✪ Through my digital garden, I can quickly help others and share knowledge 🌱

Two years into nurturing my Second Brain, I’m excited to see where this journey takes me next.

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Content preparation

  • 2920 notes
  • 2304 attachements
  • 5224 files
  • 9122 links
  • 1.692.930 words
  • 2.18 GB storage
  • 738 artefacts published in my digital garden
  • 259 articles in evolved state and 44 articles in very mature state vs. 852 notes in early capture state
  • 210 permanent notes vs. 944 literature notes
  • based on 70 community plugins
  • 33 private projects and 51 work related projects

Two years ago I started working with taking notes and discovered Tiago Fortes Second Brain approach. I established Obsidian as my primary note taking systems that is connected through plugins with many other tools that I use for capturing, organizing, distilling and expressing my thoughts.

With the growing amount of thoughts and connections among them I’m now also really into leveraging AI capabilities to work with my notes. In my recent post about Smart Connections I outlined how this awesome plugin provides an AI layer on top of my notes.

I’m now able to express thoughts and drill down on ideas very fast. I just asked what are my 20 topics I’m mainly focussing on and got the list with interesting insights among them my focus is on Learning how to Learning, Leadership and Coaching, Investing in Personal Development, Future Skill and Learning Flexibility, Longevity and many more.

My usage has evolved from an initial curiosity and exploration of learning methodologies, through the discovery and application of knowledge management tools, to the creation and sharing of content, and recently more towards community engagement and expressing my thoughts and understanding the ROI of my initiatives.

Exhanced capabilities from 2 years into growing my Second Brain

  • I’m now super fast in leveraging my knowledge. I have less occasions where I have to completely rework a topic and read again a whole book because I forgot most of it
  • I can even better reflect on my learnings and learn about my developments
  • Through a developed behavior and the applied structure I became quite efficient with managing knowledge and waste less time in thinking about structure, searching for information
  • My switching costs reduced a lot. So I’m able to quickly switch topics and later on continue where I stopped.
  • I find a lot of interesting connections between topics and with some randomness and extended perspective through my AI layer my creativity increased a lot
  • Via my expressed thoughts in my digital garden I can help others very fast and share my knowledge for deep dive and providing impulses

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