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Notes from Working Smarter through your tech stack

  • the challenge of Hybrid Working
  • Alignment as a key thing to get done right
    • What changed? And who needs to know about that?
  • People start using more and more cloud content
    • and we are spending a ton of time searching for stuff
    • typical employee spending 25% of time searching for things
  • build habits on how people best can collaborate together
  • async by default
    • meetings for debate and discussion and decisions
    • and meetings just to build/maintain relationships
    • triggered major scale back on meetings
    • lets get together with purpose
  • companies need to figure out how to support individual preferences
  • tools building on No-Code, Low-Code extensions - like e.g. Slack workflows
  • more emphasis on outcome, value vs. time in meetings/office


  • [[About meetings and tuning it]]
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