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Reflecting on 160 days daily writing on LinkedIn

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Post at LinkedIn 🚀 Reflections on 160 Days of Writing About Smarter Learning

For six months, I wrote about Smarter Learning.
It was challenging but incredibly rewarding.
After 160 days, it is a routine I’m proud of. 🌟

Here’s what I discovered:
→ Daily exploration: Each day brought new topics and learning opportunities.
→ AI Power: AI helps me with grammar, structure and ideation. I learned a lot about LLMs, prompts and using AI for smarter writing.

→ Writing Skills: Reading about writing transforms my skills.
→ My Second Brain fuelled my writing (details: https://lnkd.in/efue7b7i)

→ Enhanced Writing Space: I added articles to my digital garden. It boosted visibility and connected thoughts on smarter learning.
(Curious? I’ll share the 160-day collection link in comments)
→ Essay practice: I experimented with longer-form writing on “Compounding Knowledge.”- https://lnkd.in/eZ9rw2jD .

→ Structured process - the “Collector to Creator” course in the Ness Labs community provided me with foundational insights.

Writing is a gift 🎁.
It brings me joy and meaning.
I explore, express, connect with others, and amplify my learning.

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Content preparation

Currently I express my thoughts on Smarter Learning daily on LinkedIn. I’m doing this since 01.01. this year and I can say - what a challenging and experience rich journey. Holding myself accountable and forming that habit is a challenge. Now after 160 days - I think I’m about to have it established as a routine. Through that daily writing:

  • I learn a lot, while thinking about the topics to write about next and connections with topics I already touched

  • I level up my technical writing environment. E.g. recently I also detached from LinkedIn only and added all articles to my digital garden. With that - being able to easily share with everyone, but also getting it indexed through google, being able to link with many other topics inside my garden and external sources. Here is an overview on 160 days articles - what do you think?

  • I’m reading a lot about writing. And I’m collecting Meta-Level learnings about writing here in my digital-garden: https://digital-garden.ontheagilepath.net/moc-linkedin-writing - might be interesting to fast scan some approaches. If interesting - here I added 6 books key insights in my free to access Blinkist space - maybe a fast track to get an overview

  • I leverage AI to help me with English, grammar, sentence structure. Quite an interesting additional challenge.

  • And I start to experiment with writing Essays too - this is my first one - The CODE to leverage the effect of compounding knowledge and I’m on my next one. Feedback highly appreciated!

  • Actually it is about finding my writing identity at the moment. Your reflection prompt just gives me a nudge to explore more about my current style and raise awareness. And to develop an image of what style I actually want to evolve. Maybe you, dear community, have tips on such a journey?

  • For inspiration about writing I keep an idea list in my Todoist that I fill with each spark that crosses my way.

I recently worked through awesome Collector to Creator course and this provided many foundational insights in a proper writing process.

So to summarise - for me writing is a gift to explore myself, to express myself, to create a connection with others, to amplify my learning and to make me happy - as I’m happy through learning. And maybe it provides a little value to other to just use it and building something great from it. This way I can say - for me writing creates meaning.

Posted on LINKEDIN on 2024-06-08_Sat


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