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5 Lightbulbs Marketing with AI

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How I supercharge my Marketing Strategy with AI and the Five Lightbulbs Method

I’m currently enrolled in an exceptional course based on “Simple Marketing for Smart People” by Billy Broas.
This course integrates AI capabilities with the 5 Lightbulbs Method.
And it’s been a game-changer for me.

Here are five key insights I’ve gained so far:

🔥 Insight 1: Mastering Argumentation-Based Marketing

→ Understand the core of making compelling arguments
→ Develop a strong main claim
→ Derive supporting claims and multiple proofs
→ Build a robust foundation for creating marketing assets

🤖 Insight 2: Amplifying with AI

→ AI helps challenge and refine your main claim
→ Get suggestions for supporting claims
→ Derive proofs for your claims
→ Pre-write marketing assets for rapid iteration
→ Iterate at high speed, leveraging AI’s capabilities

🔍 Insight 3: Building a Strong Argumentation Base for your Business

→ Derive a strong and solid argument for your product
→ The course helps you strengthen your argument by examining it from multiple angles
→ Engage in deep reflection and refinement to better understand your business and its core value

🧠 Insight 4: Leveraging Smart Learning and Obsidian Second Brain
My QuintSmart Learning approach is of great support for my learning during the course

I already:
→ have plenty of connected learnings
→ created several GPTs
→ grew a strong prompt library for all Five 💡💡💡💡💡

→ The collaborative learning experience is incredible.
→ We’ve learned so much already from each other. This enhances the course value a lot!

Billy is opening the next cohort soon!
If you want to be part of this transformative journey, reach out to him or me.

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I’m currently running through an exceptional course about Simple Marketing for Smart People. The course adds AI capabilities to the 5 Lightbulbs Method by Billy Broas.

Five Main insights so far:

  • You gain a fundamental understanding of an Argumentation based approach to marketing. How to make an argument is at its core.
    • You develop your main claim.
    • You derive supporting claims and multiple proofs for each claim
    • All proving a strong foundation to derive marketing assets
  • AI amplifies the 5 Lightbulbs methode on so many different levels
    • Get support in challenging you main claim
    • Get suggestion for supporting claims
    • Derive suggestions to proof your claims.
    • Pre-Write marketing assets
    • Iterate with high speed
  • Have your solid argumentation base for your product is key to then unleash AI power. This course let’s me reflect and refine my main argument too.
  • How much I can leverage my Obsidian Second Brain setup and my Smart Learning approach during the course to learn with impact and retain so much of it.
  • That a learning community make the difference. How much we already learned from each other during the course is amazing

I know that Billy is opening the next cohort soon! So approach him (or me), if you want to be part of it.

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