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How I stretched my pushup record with the 1% Method

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How I stretched my pushup record with the 1% Method
(from Struggling to 304 Pushups in 6min)

My 1% Method:
✪ Max pushups every day, 2 sets.
✪ Push your limits slightly each time.

This, plus 10k minutes of exercise so far in 2024, has transformed my mornings.

Ready to conquer your mornings? Here’s why the 5 AM club works:
✪ Undistracted focus to kickstart the day
✪ Prioritize high-value tasks without interruptions
✪ I mix spirituality, emotional well-being, fitness, and learning (20-20-20 formula)

What is your experience with mornings boost productivity?

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New records in March. With following the 1% Method and aiming for progress each day I was able to stretch my daily pushup record to now 304 in 6 minutes. Just copy this simple approach:

  • DAILY push-ups, to your limits. 2 iterations.
  • it just takes some minutes .. the effect comes through daily repetitions and stretching our of your comfort zone

Combined with 10k minutes exercises, mainly in my morning routine. Plus daily writing and expressing my thoughts.

  • this is an advanced mode, but builds on the same principles - daily progress!

You might become a member of the 5AM club - my experience in 2024:

  • Waking at 5AM offers you a focus zone with an undistracted start in the day
  • I recommend eliminating distractions and prioritizing high-value, disciplined activities
  • I love the power mix of spirituality, emotional well-being, physical health, and learning - 20-20-20 formula applied

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