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Notes for Keine Sinnfragen, Bitte

Source: Keine Sinnfragen bitte! - Gunter Dueck

Research with early results get abandoned and leads to inertia

Research is done at an early stage and leads to insights that cannot be leveraged immediately because it in addition will need infrastructure and market forming. For example solar panels years ago where cost intense in production and companies abandoned it.

Companies who experience that often resignate and don’t touch this area again. 1

Connection with About Wardley Maps through:

  • Inertia as a main Climatic Pattern
  • Stages of evolution for products, services, data,…

Excellence leading to blindness

And do you seriously consider their approach? Companies must avoid positioning as superior based on their current success 2.

Jeering about Tesla in 2017 and this links well to [[Only the Paranoid Survive]] (connection point - discovering Strategic Inflection Points early on).

About meetings

As simple as this sounds, still most join meaningless meetings where purpose it unclear, no value is created and life time is wasted. Dare to do not go there and better spent your time valuable.

It needs trained facilitators also among the leadership team to steer meetings properly and detect nonsense discussions and deep dives.

I can help you with:

About presentations

  • Presentation must be tailored to the culture, sub-culture of the audience. It does not matter that much to follow best practices for good presentations but one needs to match the cultural expectations
  • Time invested in preparing a presentation often exceeds time spent with the audience.
    • especially with distracting incentives like airtime, status lead to blown presentations.

Be aware of your Lighthouse Projects

The shiny new tool, the shiny new project, the shiny new approach. By looking at how others are doing it, companies copy approaches. Eg. working with a “Turn-Agile-Tiger-Team”. New approaches create some fresh air, bring some new ideas but as soon as it needs the real work to scale and create value it is not longer that interesting and is stopped.

Systemic underdelegation

Important to notice and raise awareness on a topic. These anchoring people are important to work with and realise a need for change early on.

In tough times highly paid professionals start taking on lower level work to prove the need for them. Work starts to travel up the hierarchy ladder. This contradicts that:

Process guerilla

Process empathy helps to detect when it is a good time to address and push a topic and get an easy and fast approval. And one needs to know about the pressure points.9

Performance Shaming

Still strong leadership problem shown since years via Gallup Engagement Index (DE)

  • 15% inner resignation
  • 15% strong
  • remaining is indifferent and not highly engaged

About Flow, focus and problematic side effects

Different Brain Waves

  • Delta waves (very low frequency) - Deep Sleep
  • Theta waves (low frequency) - Creativity, Focus, Meditation, Learning
  • Alpha waves (normal frequency) - relaxed, more inner focussed, learning also unconscious
  • low beta waves - relaxed outward focussed attention, learning, high awareness
  • medium beta waves - alerted, high outward focussed attention, high analytical intelligence efforts
  • high beta waves - stress, too high activity, jumping thoughts (e.g. exams, high engaged conversations)

So based on waves:

  • Creativity needs alpha, theta
  • customer get togethers needs customers in low beta
  • manager meeting often in beta alert

Connection to [[Flow - der Weg zum Glück - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi]]

About Trust

trustworthiness = (credibility + reliability + familiarity) / selfishness [^13]

Connects well to [[The SPEED of Trust]]

Neurotic Leadership Programming

It is important to be aware of neurotic patterns especially in leadership positions. It challenges the assumption of Homo Oeconomicus. 11

  • [[Direkt-Karriere - Gunter Dueck]]
  • [[Abschied vom Homo Oeconomicus - Gunter Dueck]]
  • Study Disordered Personalities at work (captured a copy below from Research Gate)

Some further quotes


  • [[Where Good Ideas Come From - Steven Johnson]] and at Blinkist
  • [[Strategy and the Fat Smoker - David Maister]]
  • [[The Trusted Advisor - David H Maister Robert Galford Charles Green]]
  • [[The Character of Organizations - William Bridges]]


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