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Capture for Getting Shit Done



  • I apply eat the frog often and also couple that with my Todoist task management and flagging that with energy levels
  • 3/3/3 - seems similar for Learn-Reflect-Grow for learning
  • Timeblocking - I’m often already blocking time for e.g. course preparations beforehand in my calendar, even if that event will be just in some weeks. This then reminds me early on and I have already time blocked. I guess this can be combined with 3/3/3
  • Seinfeld - sounds interesting
  • I tried with Pomodoro, also within Obsidian, but actually did not manage to really build a habit
  • Eisenhower Matrix - just a great tool, that I apply unconsciously often. At the same time I did not yet fully integrate it in my routines. I find MOC 10K$ framework more appealing and integrated that with my Todoist.


  • [[Midjourney V6 prompts examples/050-059 Resources/themes/58 Agile/Eisenhower Matrix|Eisenhower Matrix]]
  • [[Midjourney V6 prompts examples/030-039 Areas/32 Zettelkasten/Literature notes/Matter/The Eisenhower matrix of prioritisation]]
  • Week 3 - Course Notes
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