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Notes from Guide Master your 4 pillars of energy

Insights from Blinkist Guide Master your four pillars of Energy

Four main energy pillars spirituality, mindfulness, body/fitness and emotional.


What do I stand for and do I act accordingly?

  • Notes from Living Forward
  • [[Living Forward - Michael Hyatt Daniel Harkavy]] (Blinkist version)

    Create a life plan

    A document about 15 pages long that outlines my detailed picture of my life. Including goals that I would like to achieve.

Three main questions to answer:

  • What will be my legacy?
  • What is most important to me?
  • How do I get where I want to be at the end, starting from where I am at the moment?

Body and Fitness

We need the energy, not just the time to perform at our maximum. So we need to manage energy properly (and not just time).

[[The Power of Full Engagement - James E Loehr Jim Loehr Tony Schwartz]] (Blinkist version)

Notes from The Power of Full Engagment

Work less and take more breaks. Comment: Links nicely with working Remote.

Maximize our physical energy.

  • Depends on how we eat, sleep and recover
  • Sleep is optimal between 7..8 hours comment: would be interesting to get the science background here
  • Working out increases ability to handle complex decisions by 70..80%

Pay attention towards my focus and avoid multitasking.

  • good connection with MOC Building a 2nd brain to gain a much higher level of focus
  • [[The 5AM Club - Robin Sharma]] (Blinkist version)
    • it matters what you do in the first hour
    • focus on high brain activity and avoid getting distracted by Social media or low brain activity tasks.
    • in the early morning it is easy to achieve a state of low as more Dopamin and Serotonin are released
      • [[Flow - notes from Tiago Forte]] and [[Flow - der Weg zum Glück - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi]] and Blinkist Version
    • Apply [[#20-20-20]]

Notes from The 5AM Club


Move - Reflect - Grow comment: Reminds me of the productivity days by Dr. Antoine Larchez

20 minutes to move

  • get sweaty - it creates BDNF proteins (see [[S01 Personal/030-039 Areas/32 Zettelkasten/Matter/Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor- A Key Molecule for Memory in the Healthy and the Pathological Brain]]) that is connected with brain plasticity and forming new neural connections
  • sweating also reduced cortisol - the hormone of fear

20 minutes to reflect

  • deep peace
  • record these thoughts in my Daily Journal
  • comment: Try to do more journalling in the morning and e.g. have the Gratitude part embedded in that reflection time
  • doing meditation. That also reduces cortisol

20 minutes to grow

For learning and growing our mind.


[[The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work - John Gottman]] (Blinkist version)

  • Ensure good day to day communication
  • Surface/notice/use also the small moments to show that I am aware of my beautiful wife

Notes from - The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work


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