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[[4 pillars of energy ]]

This morning I added several key insights from the great Blinkist Guide: Master your 4 pillars of Energy to My Second Brain.

This time I took the following approach to process my learnings:

  • I went through the Blinkist guide yesterday, mainly listening
  • While listening I immediately took audio notes using Dictate
  • Later I transformed the audio notes using Happy Scribe to a text transcript
  • I added the transcript to my Second Brain in Obsidian and started post processing
  • Today I read all the mentioned key insights from 4 books and found a nice little hack to combine my read later app Matter with Blinkist

(you can find the extract also in my digital garden - see link in the comments)

As a result I have a much more condensed version of the Blinkist Guide, enriched with more details from the referred books. And it connects to my previous learnings.

I connected much more with the content and created a present for my future self.

Still some steps to take to further mark highlights and convert main learnings to further actions. But as result I already changed:

⭐ My approach to my morning routine following the 20-20-20 approach from the 5AM club ⭐ Shared the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work also with my wife using Blinkist Spaces ⭐ Think about further detailing my life plan based on my already existing fundaments I created while following the Big Five for Life. And Ill combine that with learnings from The Power of Full Engagement

What a cool usage of Obsidian as My Second Brain, combined with the strength of Blinkist and formats like Guide and Blinks and now combined with Matter to easily extract my personal highlights to use it within my Second Brain.


Posted on LINKEDIN on 2023-02-19_Sun


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