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Creating a flow of energy

Creating an energy flow

As you might know I’m a practitioner and big fan of the 5AM club. This morning I have another great moment and what to share that here. Maybe people want to pick it put - so please let’s exchange. Maybe this could flow in a pathway and methods in a pathway, who knows.

It is about the combination of mental loading/immersion, physical activity and using insights from Building a Second Brain (BASB) and worked like that:

  • I went o bed yesterday evening at around 22:30 after I finished some chapters from the <div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div>Future Organisation Playbook Consciously I did avoid actions that would override that last impression
  • I got up today morning 5:15 (still struggle with the time shift) , woke up naturally, so without alarm or something. And started reading further around 5:30. I red with first capture until 7:15
  • Then I did my 1h Peloton ride … medium intensity. So that I need to focus but can still think. No distractions. This brings me within some minutes in flow zone and my mind started spinning around, like crazy. I had a lot of thoughts around what I read, how that might connect with coaching. At that point I wished I had something to externalise these thought immediately … I’ll find a solution for that soon to. Likely a Siri or Alexa thingy.
  • After that exercise I’m now capturing these thought and externalize. Knowing from BASB that our brain is for creating ideas, not for storing them. And following <div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div>Working out Loud<div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div> to express thought and immediately enable collaboration.

Alone that method shows a combination of 5AM Club (maybe extended with Guide <div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div><div><hr></div>Master your 5 pillars of Energy) and Basb (also with guide <div><hr></div>Hacks to Boost creativity)* where a cool pathway could be created from.

Further hunches from that energy burst:

  • Thoughts about Leaderhsip 4.0 and a pathway
  • Let’s work with rewards. I had this with several trainings where I got a certificate only when I joined X out of Y modules. Could be also combined with module completion small certificates and an umbrella certificate. That might be especially interesting for longer elements.
  • Certifications also as instrument to share a success in LinkedIn. Based on my own experience I add certificates immediately to my profile and I love collecting badges (cross connect also with why I really like Peloton. And I have now quite some achievements that I’m proud of - isn’t that crazy?)
  • I need to capture fast … so I can further tune that flow. Will keep you up-to-date on that
  • The methods in Future Organization Playbook are really cool. Great, condensed insights on leadership … and a lot of signals in several directions
  • An extension to Opportunity-Solution-Trees … when I observe a behavior I should capture that and then trace back to an underlying opportunity (pain point, need, desire). So if I observe people not joining all pathway modules (behavior in first instance) … whare are potential opportunities connected (no time, not interesting, simply forgot, hating cohort based learning,etc.) … This was regarding methodology a missing link for how to derive opportunities … how cool is that
  • Regarding the energy pathway … this would require another form of exercises … that span days with self experiments and using the cohort to immerse and share excitements, provide hints and manifesting the learnings by expressing it…
  • I had the hunch of my group learning experience when I joined the Scrum Change Manager course that went through 4 modules of 2 days and where a whole leadership team got together. One of the best experiences of learning I ever had. And the effect on group building was just outstanding.


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