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1000 workouts celebration


Today marks my 1000th workout with Peloton, rounding off an unbroken 103-week streak! 🎉💪

My journey wasn’t embarked upon alone. I owe a significant part of my success to these game-changing philosophies and support systems:

★4 Pillars of Energy: This helped me recognize and reinforce Body and Fitness as an essential foundation of my energy and wellbeing.

★Deliberate Practice: This not only drove me to stay consistent but also to learn from the fantastic instructors at Peloton. Remember, building a habit is a marathon, not a sprint. And it’s the relentless practice that polishes perfection.

★5AM Club: The sacred early morning hours became my best ally, creating an oasis of focus and productivity.

Moreover, a standing ovation to Blinkist/GO1 for curating a seamless work-from-home culture that saves me a daily commute of 1.5 hours. This bonus time has allowed me to prioritize my fitness. The results? I’ve become a power-packed reservoir of energy, with an almost non-existent sick leave record of 0.3% in the last 3.5 years and my motivation is at an all-time high. 🚀


Today I achieved 1000 workouts with Peloton, connecting to a 103 week streak so far.

Some support along that journey that I’m very grateful for: 4 Pillars of energy supported me establishing Body and Fitness as a main pillar of energy.

Deliberate practice encouraged me to exercise and learn from great the awesome instructors as Peloton. It takes time to build the habit and practice perfect the exercises

5AM Club provided me with an important aspect of getting into flow and using early morning hours for that.

I also want to thank Blinkist/GO1 for providing such an awesome workplace where working from home is really possible. Saving daily 1.5h commute time also enables to taking care of my fitness. In return I’m full of energy, super healthy with 0.3% sick days in 3.5 years and very high motivation.

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