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Notes from mindful productivity masterclass

[[Mindful productivity masterclass recording| Source]]

Undcertain times and productivity

Toxic productivity

  • 3 bad wolves - burnout ➡ disengagement, anxiety ➡ control, uncertainty ➡ pessimism
  • explain ways to answer questions
    • ask always, we come back
    • live-course - to ask & get questions
  • fight - flight - freeze
  • brain modes
    • anxiety, demotivation, choice paralysis, loss of focus, impaired working memory
    • stress, decreased cooperations, fear

Mindful productivity

  • excitement, opportunity, creativity

PARI - Pact - Act - React - Impact

  • Pact - accessing your situation, exploring options and committing to a direction
  • Act - getting started, staying motivated, and maintaining momentum
  • React - is build on Metacognition - Thinking about thinking, look at the me. Reflecting on progress and course correct when needed
  • Impact - Reimagine success, reinvent yourself and embrace the squiggly path. Fall in love with the journey

more details: [[Midjourney V6 prompts examples/030-039 Areas/32 Zettelkasten/Literature notes/Matter/The PARI system by Anne-Laure Le Cunff (Ness Labs)]]

Great flywheel to create impact Source/attribution: Ness Labs


Personal collection of small units of success which, when consistently repeated over long term, compound to achieve outsized impact.

Purposeful - in right direction to long term aspirations

  • Does it move you in the right direction? (relevant to long-term aspirations)

    Actionable - focus on outputs

  • Does it focus on outputs you can control? … focus on actions you can take today

    Contextual - consider accessible resources and information

  • Does it take your current context into account? … base it on resources and information accessible

    Trackable - did you do it or not

  • Does is allow for binary tracking? Is it a yes or no action … so did you do it or not

What is in a pact

Ordered by level of intentionality

  • Habits: automatic processes with little/no conscious thought. brushing your teeth
  • Routines: Conscious process guided by deliberate actions going for a run
  • Rituals: full consciousness and presence in the process meditating (can also be a routine)

Great place to start is to focus on routines. (habits take long, rituals are high on energy demand)

Examples for pacts

  • Publish one newsletter every week
  • Research one marketing channel to improve each week
  • Contact 5 potential partners each day
  • Write for 30 minutes every morning

Smart vs Pact

Clearly defined outcome clearly defined output
Time end date Recurring
Measurable Trackable
Specific & unambiguous flexible & contextual
achievable target ambitious journey

Pact examples

  • Publish one newsletter every Thursday for three months (vs. SMART goal end game: Reach 10000 email subscribers by the end of the year)
  • Ship one small daily product improvement in November (vs. SMART goal end game: achieve 4.8/5 customer satisfaction by December)
  • Contact 5 potential partners every day for 30 days (vs. SMART goal out of you hand: Onboard 10 new partners by the end of the month)

Interstitial journalling

Interstitial journalling consists in writing a few lines every time you take a break, and to track the exact time your are taking these notes.

(break also means, when you catched yourself within a procrastination; after a meeting; along-side, in between other things)


Session flow notes

Flow from

  • Lesson (theory and strategic principles)
  • Activity (put principles into practice)
  • Case Study (get inspired by others, audio & transcripts)
  • Assignment (async homework)

Working with a Wayfinder Mindset

  • fall in love with problems - play with questions
    • move slow and make things (diffuse mode connection) (instead of move fast & break things)
    • design growth loops - use failure to learn
  • self-efficacy - individual’s belief in their capacity to act to reach specific goals


  • [[The Pursuit of Excellence The Uncommon Behaviors of the World’s Most Productive Achievers - Ryan Hawk]]
  • Notes from Guide Master your 4 pillars of energy
  • [[S01 Personal/030-039 Areas/32 Zettelkasten/Permanent notes/SMART Goals|SMART Goals]]
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