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Building Strong Habits - One Streak at a time

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How these 8 streaks help me forming strong habits
(Are you aware that it takes 254 days to form a habit?)

I used to lose steam on my goals. Distractions, old patterns… you know the drill.

Then, I discovered the power of those tiny “streak” reminders (in our apps).
They became my little rewards, and now they’re the backbone of my habit forming system.

Here’s my supporting streak backbone:
✪ 102-day daily push-ups
✪ 300+ books finished on Blinkist
✪ 140 weeks strong Peloton workouts
✪ 102 days of consistent LinkedIn posting
✪ 85 days and counting with my 5 AM routine
✪ Weekly goal of reading 10,000+ words on Matter
✪ 15 weeks of reduced sugar and coffee consumption
✪ 7-week streak of brain-boosting sessions on Brain.fm

I experience the value of making your habit forming conscious and anchoring with streaks.

3 steps to bring Your habit forming to the surface:
✪ Get conscious and write down all the habits you aim to build
✪ Look for a streak to support you and find ways to remind you regularly.
✪ Start with one streak, follow it for 4 weeks, then add the next one - start small, build up

And I still have bad days. But knowing about that 254-day mark to form a habit helps me fight the pull backs.

What are YOUR tricks for staying on track? What is challenging?
Love to learn from your experience in the comments!

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Content preparation

Hook: How 8 streaks help me forming strong habits (And why you need to keep an eye on 254)

One person: The person looking for building a habit

One Problem: I experienced how tough it is to stay on track with a long term goal and form a habit because their are so many distractions, inertia and old comfortable behaviors pulling us back.

One Solution: I discovered streaks as small but impactful progress rewards. And brought them to my conscious habit forming system instead of just having it as a fancy gadget in my apps.

One Story: Currently the following streaks support my daily routines. They provide me with motivation on my journey to build strong habits:

  • I’m exercising with Peloton workouts for 140 weeks in a row now. And Peloton reminds of that each Monday morning after my first workout of a fresh week.
  • A hit a weekly goal of reading at least 10000 words in Matter, where I skim through Newsletters and captured information in a distraction free environment.
  • I’m on day 102 with my Daily Push-Up challenge and track my daily performance actively - pushed it up to 315/2 iterations within 10 minutes
  • I’m on day 102 with mit Daily LinkedIn posting
  • I’m a super active user of Blinkist with over 300 Books in Blinks finished 2500 discovered key insights
  • I’m leveraging Brain supporting from Brain.fm daily and I’m on my 7 week streak
  • I’m on day 85 of 102 with my 5AM club routine.
  • I’m on week 15 this year with very reduced extra sugar intake and coffee consumption

At the same time I’m also highly aware of the pull backs. And knowing that it takes up to 254 days to form a habit I take care to not interrupt my routines for more than 2 days in a row. I currently struggle with routines that are not on a daily base and where it also does not provided that much value to turn that to a daily base. For some I actually miss better reminders in the apps itself … What brings me to the idea to create even better external reminders!

One CTA: How do you support yourself with forming your habits? What works that I might also consider? Where do you struggle?

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