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Habit Building and Peloton

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Unveiling My Secret: 129 Weeks of Consistent Workouts and What Keeps Me Going 🚴‍♂️💪

Ever wondered how someone could stick to a fitness regime for 129 weeks straight? Here’s my recipe for consistency and motivation. 🚀

It’s been quite the journey with 1351 workouts and 870 cycling sessions, each typically 1 hour, burning around 1000 calories per session. 🏋️‍♀️🚴‍♂️
I’ve invested 2000-3000 minutes each month to ensure a high-energy start to my day.

But what keeps me going? Here’s my secret sauce:
✪ Speedy access to my Peloton
✪ Clothes prepped and ready for a quick start
✪ Yoga and meditation warmup, followed by a cycling session
✪ Clear, achievable daily, monthly, and yearly goals
✪ The thrill of gamification - Peloton streaks, weekly goals

During these sessions, the daily 60 minutes can be challenging for an amateur like me. But the knowledge that stepping out of my comfort zone fuels brain growth and motivation keeps me going. Thanks, David Goggins!

The rewards?
✪ The euphoria after 20 minutes of being in the zone
✪ Friendly competition and engagement with peers
✪ Deep emotional moments when the workout, music, and trainers push me to my limits
✪ The knowledge that exercise is key to health and longevity

These habits didn’t form overnight. It was books like:
✪ Atomic Habits by James Clear
✪ Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins
✪ The 4 Pillars of Energy a @Blinkist guide by Chase Tucker and
✪ Outlive by Peter Attia that paved the way.

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Now, over to you. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? What’s your secret to maintaining a fitness routine?

Content notes

Some records:

  • 129 week streak
  • 1351 workouts and 870 cycling sessions, mainly about 1h each with around 1000kcal energy investment per session
  • I spent between 2000-3000 minutes each months on meaningful exercises
  • mainly early morning to start with high energy in the day

What triggers did I implement to keep me engaged:

  • Peloton alone and it’s super fast availability is very helpful
  • I have my clothes prepared and can start a session with 2 minutes
  • I start with my Meditation and Yoga warmup and finish with the cycling session
  • I have my yearly goal and derived monthly goals and daily goals
  • I’m motivated by gamification - so I love the Peloton streaks, weekly goals

During the sessions:

  • for me being an amateur, the daily 60 minutes are sometimes tough
  • I’m then connecting to my knowledge that getting out of comfort zone regularly help our brain growth and increase will power and motivation (thanks David Goggings for that lesson)
  • I focus on specific aspects I would like to reach on that day. And at the same time I also listen to my inner voice. If I need to take it a little slower, then I know that it is better to exercise, even less, than to skip.

The rewards:

  • the feeling that kicks in after 20 minutes being in the moment and cycling
  • engagement with peers during the session, sometimes the small ongoing competitions
  • moment of deep emotions, especially when sessions are tough and/or music is great and the trainer pushes to the limits
  • knowing that exercises are crucial for health and longevity

What really helped me forming this habit:

  • Atomic Habits Habits by James Clear
  • Can’t hurt me by David Goggins
  • The 4 Pillars of energy by Chase Tucker
  • Outlive by Peter Attia

In the comments you can find some distilled versions of it.

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