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Building a Second Brain workshop post

Last Friday I conducted my first full day workshop about Building a Second Brain with Obsidian. With 8 attendees, many great insights, practical learnings it set the foundation to work with a Second Brain.

Three Key Learnings for me: ⭐ On Meta Level a workshop is part of my Express (from Capture-Organize-Distill-Express approach) ⭐ There are so many fascinating and different motivations - some examples: Research, Learn faster and more sustainable, Organize knowledge, work with knowledge in teams,… And it’s awesome that all can benefit from Building a Second Brain ⭐ Running a workshop makes the whole concept of Building a Second Brain much more tangible, provides clarity and helps to unlearn and dissolve misconceptions.

Last week I joined Cohort#18 from Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte. The live cohort version starts in July and I already have access to the self paced learning course. And I can just say - this is a really well crafted course that I highly recommend. 75% done and can’t wait for the next parts to come.

With one year experience in Building my Second Brain and working out loud in my Digital Garden, there are such great additional learnings from that course. Huge thanks to Tiago Forte and team for creating that content!

And each learning, guess what, is added to my Second Brain. Kind of Meta Level … use a Second Brain workshop to grow my Second Brain knowledge about building a Second Brain 🧠🤯

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