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Sparks from Agile 2

  • Investigate Socratic leadership (and socratic discussion) –> Socratic Leadership
  • Detail different form of leadershio. Especially interesting Druckers inside person, outside person and someone to get things done - Agile 2 and Leadership
    • nice linking with mission command – I guess that this was also connected to team of teams (need to check for the military link here) Agile 2 and Leadership
  • Create a list of referred books and check for Bibs to dive deeper
  • Clayton Christensen – JOTB?
  • Strong topic of allowing different individual styles of work … and also about deep work and focus
  • Think through different aspects of product leadership
  • Consider building the product delivery pipeline as a tool in itself! And its importance for leadership
  • Consider structuring via different functional leads mentioned and what their duties are. This information is scattered through the whole book
    • Research Lead
    • Product Lead with several sub-forms
    • Operational Lead
    • Team Lead (seems to be engineering lear)
    • Topic Matter expert
    • Good general leader skills
  • Role of organizers
  • Good argumentation against standup meetings … and a better approach to it
  • Good chapter about Agility and Research
  • Chapter about documentation (the agile way)
  • Topic of deep thinking and writing … and the aspect of upskilling people on that
  • Microsoft study regarding remote collaboration
    • https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20200601-the-personalities-that-benefit-most-from-remote-work
  • Interesting chapter about knowledge and information … can use that also to provide further material that supports building a Second Brain
  • Chapter about writing .. and link to Udemy course (and I guess I took some written information too, that I can also link in my digital garden)
  • Clarity about waterfall and difference to a Kanban pipeline .. well explained and I can embed that in my knowledge
  • More insights about dependencies
  • Need to learn more about FDD
  • Further insights on driving change
    • links well with Kotter and also with lean Change
  • Good link between DevOps and Agility
  • Good questions for scaling
  • Check what that Agile PeopleOps framework is about
  • Perspectives on what people to hire!
  • Team of Teams (Stefano)
  • Understanding Feedback loops and working with complex systems


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