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Co-Active Coaching


Co-Active - coach & coaches find things out together.

4 Coaching cornerstones

  • all people are inheritantly capable
  • look for the bigger picture (what are the clients perspectives)
  • pay holistic attention (include mood, tone, body language)
  • encourage transformation

The Coaching environment

To enable risk taking create an environment of trust, honesty,confidentiality,space to experiment

Use a discovery session to set the stage. Define collaboration ground rules and discovery more about the client.

  • Where would the client like to make a difference in their life?

Apply deep level thinking

  • Level 1 - Focus on yourself & learn what the conversation means to you personally
  • Level 2 - Focus on the client & examine the clients perspective
  • Level 3 - Draw on your intuition

Trust your intuition

Notice your intuition and test your hunch by questions regarding your intuition.

Tap into curiosity

Mindset of genuine curiosity and playfulness.

  • How important will the topic be for you?
  • Is this the only way it can be?
  • What do you do next?
  • What does an ideal situation look like?
  • What can you learn from this?

Chase fulfillment

Challenge client to chase for fulfillment. Discover what is essential for the client.

Therefore it is important to understand the clients values.

Connect the clients proposed actions/decisions to the values. How does that connect & reflect on the values?

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